All Fortnite Nitro Drifter locations in Chapter 4 Season 2

picture of a drifter in fortnite

picture of a drifter in fortnite

Going along with new content comes new missions, so to help you complete those new drifting missions, we'll tell you where the Fortnite Nitro Drifter locations are. Fortnite is known to add some great new content to the game each season, and this go around we've got drift cars and motorbikes.

These new missions require that you find a Nitro Drifter somewhere on the map, and drift into objects and break them. Any old vehicle won't do here, and these cars could be in high demand to complete these missions so knowing the spawn locations is very important to getting these done.

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All Fortnite Nitro Drifter locations

The Nitro Drifters have numerous spawn locations. They have a lot of spawn locations littered throughout the south side of the map. The Nitro Drifters typically will spawn in cities, but can spawn in gas stations or garages off the beaten path. Below is a map detailing each of the spawn locations for the Nitro Drifters.

locations of nitro drifters in Fortnite
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Once you've located a Nitro Drifter, get into the car and follow the on screen commands to show you how to drift. You'll want to slide the back end of your drifter into the objects to efficiently break them, thus completing the task. It should be fairly easy to do, but remember how loud that damage will be! You could well draw the attention of enemies.

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