Fortnite Holo Chest - Locations and how to open a Holo-Chest with a key at a gas station

Image of a gas station in Fortnite.

If you're hoping to clear the how to open a Holo-Chest with a key at a gas station Fortnite mission, you're going to need to know the Fortnite Holo Chest locations. This is one of the latest objectives that has emerged since the recent launch of chapter 3 season 4. Releasing as one of the week 3 objectives, you'll need to complete this task to get the maximum XP and gradually make your way through the Battle Pass.

In this Fortnite guide, we'll walk you through opening a Holo-Chest with a key at a gas station. The requirements are awfully specific, so you'll need to get each precise detail right to complete the task and snag the attached rewards. We'll also outline what those rewards are, so you know exactly what to expect for completing the task.

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Fortnite Holo Chest locations - How to open a Holo-Chest with a key at a gas station

The week 3 quests in Fortnite are now live so you can open a Holo-Chest with a key at a gas station.

To help you follow the quest line and claim those all-important rewards, we've included some instructions below. These will help you prepare to open the required Holo-Chest, so you can dive straight in now the quest has released.

The first thing you'll need to do is head to a gas station. Fortunately there are many dotted around the island, so simply glance at the map to spot which one is nearest to you. Head on over, and outside the main building you'll see four chests.

Each of these chests has a hologram of a rare, epic, or legendary weapon above it. Each one can only be opened with a specific key, which you'll need to find randomly across the world. Since those keys aren't in-game yet, we can't give any pointers as to their location.

Either way, once you have the specific key pickup, head back to a gas station and pick the chest you want to open. It'll unlock the corresponding weapon advertised on the chest.

Without spending any gold or hunting for it, the gun will be yours and you'll complete the quest, nabbing some generous XP toward your battle pass as well.

Image of four Holo-Chests in Fortnite.
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What are the rewards for opening a Fortntie Holo-Chest?

Of course, you get more than just the gun for opening a Holo-Chest with a key at a Fortnite gas station. While you do get the rare gun of your choosing, you also get the expected 20,000 XP that comes as the prize for completing each weekly mission.

It's no surprise, but that dose of XP can be really handy as you plod through the Battle Pass on the quest to tier 100 and beyond. If you want that shiny new Spider-Gwen skin, you'll want to complete as many of them as you can.

That's it for our tips on this specific weekly quest in Fortnite! For even more on Epic Games' battle royale sensation, feel free to check out all the new and unvaulted Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 weapons this season.

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