Hatsune Miku Fortnite - Is there a Miku skin in Fortnite?

Hatsune Miku Fortnite - Is there a Miku skin in Fortnite?

Hatsune Miku Fortnite - Is there a Miku skin in Fortnite?
April 17, 2023: Here's everything we know about the potential Fortnite Hatsune Miku skin.

Looking for that supposed Hatsune Miku Fortnite skin? Down below, we're going to diving deep into if Hatsune Miku is coming to Fortnite or not, here is everything you need to know. Though we don't have an official confirmation, we have good reason to think it could happen one day.

As well as going over what we know so far, this will go over why we think Hatsune Miku could come to the game, why some may be mistaking a current character for the Hatsune Miku skin, and the relationship Epic Games has with the brand and its recent tendency to collab with other games.

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Is Hatsune Miku coming to Fortnite?

Though we don't have any official confirmation of a Hatsune Miku skin, we have plenty of clues hinting at something big.

First, last year saw a Levan Polka emote hit the Fortnite store, letting characters grab two leeks and dance. Though Hatsune Miku wasn't the original source of the song or dance, she was arguably the reason why it began a pop-culture bop, with it generally included as tutorial music for the myriad Project Diva games she stars in.

From here, Lennox Rose seems partially inspired by Hatsune Miku, with her iconic pigtails. This is why, when the chrome version of her came out, many thought that Hatsune Miku had found her way to the game. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case just yet.

Finally, Hatsune Miku recently came to Fall Guys as a brand new skin with its latest season. Both games are owned by Epic Games, so there's is now precedent to work with the team behind Hatsune Miku.

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Hatsune Miku Fortnite - Is there a Miku skin in Fortnite?
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Hopefully, this means we we will see a collab in the future. We'll update you right here if anything changes.

What's worth noting, however, is that while Hatsune Miku has appeared in many crossover games in the past, the character itself appears to stay far away from inflicting physical harm on other characters. She sings and dances to the same effect, but she never actually harms her target.

In other games (like Ninjala and Fall Guys) it's clear that it's not Miku by name, but a Miku skin for another character, which could circumvent that speculated limit to the condition of her license in third-party titles.

What this means is that in the case of Fortnite, where skins essentially do change your character into the equipped one, is that a Hatsune Miku skin might not arrive at all. If Sega forbids any Hatsune Miku crossover from showing the character engaging in serious combat, Lennox Rose's similarities might very well be a best-case scenario for the gun-heavy game.

What's next for Fortnite?

Fortnite is a pretty impressive game. Working alongside some of the biggest names in games, TV, and movies, they keep taking in new skins and abilities and shifting the game's narrative around it. From one month to the next, it can be a wildly different game.

Releasing as a co-op survival game way back in 2017, it shifted its priority to the ever popular battle Royale mode, only to become one of the biggest games in the entire world. From here, they will continue to work on new battle passes, alongside new modes and ideas. What makes the game so exciting is how unexpected the next update will be.

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