Can you change armour in Final Fantasy 16?

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Clive in Final Fantasy 16.
June 23, 2023 - Here's what we know about armour in Final Fantasy 16.

Now that the game is out in the world, you may be wondering "can you change armour in Final Fantasy 16?" With the series taking a slightly different turn in recent years, going from a traditionally turn-based affair to a more action-oriented one, there's reason to believe other signature elements of the genre - like equipping new armour and weapons - could go the way of the choco-dodo. Here's what to expect from Clive's adventures around Valisthea.

Since the early days of the Final Fantasy series, it's been commonplace to dig around caves, corridors, and secret areas, finding rare gear that can oftentimes fill in for a lack of stats needed to take on a big bad. Sometimes skill alone isn't enough. But with Final Fantasy 16 using manual dodge mechanics, the possibility of simply avoiding damage could have done away with the need to litter new gear around the world.

Can you change armour in Final Fantasy 16?

Despite potentially never needing to worry too much about your equipment, you actually can change armour in Final Fantasy 16. Although it's quite rare to come across, you will occasionally find new armour on your travels.

Whenever you find something new to equip, you can do so by opening the main pause menu. Just slide over to the Gear and Eikons tab and you'll be able to change what's in your Belt and Vambraces slots to reap the benefits of the spoils of war.

Despite the icons, changing gear in Final Fantasy 16 won't alter how Clive looks. They're not cosmetic items. Instead, equipping new gear will simply serve to apply the item's stats and bonuses to Clive's own while they're worn.

Unlike older Final Fantasy games, you can actually squeeze a little bit more performance out of armour you find across Valisthea. By upgrading your equipment at the Hideaway once you're far enough through the story, you'll be able to use your favourite pieces of gear for longer, before another item comes along that's just an all-round improvement.

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