FIFA 23 - How to claim Rivals rewards on the Companion App

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Image of Juventus players celebrating in FIFA 23.

Need some help learning how to claim Rivals rewards in the FIFA 23 companion app? The first batch of weekly rewards for the year has arrived, but EA Sports has changed the redemption formula this time around. As such, we're here to give you a few tips to make things easier.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll break down specific steps to claiming your Rivals rewards in the mobile companion app. It's different to previous years, and also works differently to in-game reward redemption, so it's definitely worth knowing the new method in case you want to grab your rewards on the go.

Elsewhere, check out some FIFA 23 ratings to see where your favourite players stack up this year. We've also got a more in-depth look at the web app, which you can use now to trade and earn some coins before the base game launches. Of course, this also means that the beta has sadly ended.

How do I claim Rivals rewards in the FIFA 23 companion app?

See the instructions below to learn how you can claim Rivals rewards on the FIFA 23 companion app. It's different to previous years, where you got a pop-up at the very top of the app's menu. This time around, you'll have to do some digging.

  • Log into the companion app on your mobile device.
  • From the Home tab, scroll down to the Competitions menu.
  • Next, tap Rivals.
  • Here you'll get the choice of three different rewards packages.

As always, you'll get three different rewards to choose from. The selections tend to vary based on your division, and whether you reached the maximum win quota for the week.

Generally speaking, the first option is a selection of packs, as well as some FUT Champions qualification points. The second is even more packs, but all untradeable instead of their tradeable counterpart. The last is often a bumper dose of coins, if you don't feel like chancing your luck on packs. We all know how deflating they can be!

From there, the packs will be accessible in the Store tab, ready to open as you please. That's the similar part of the process, identical to how you found packs in FIFA 22 and previous annual entries.

The only main difference is needing to go through the Competitions menu to choose your rewards package. It's also where you'll choose your rewards for FUT Champions and Squad Battles, so you'll no doubt get very familiar with this process over the next year.

Image of the Rivals redemption button in the FIFA 23 companion app.
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When do Rivals rewards release in FIFA 23?

As with every year before it, FIFA 23 Rivals rewards release every Thursday at 8AM BST. As such, you'll always have the chance to claim your rewards and open your packs before the coveted Marquee Matchups SBCs land at 6PM each Thursday.

That's it for our look at how to claim your Rivals rewards on the FIFA 23 companion app! For even more on the game, check out our best Premier League starter team, as well as the Puzzle Master SBC solution.

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