How to get the Orthos Display Stand in FFXIV

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The Orthos Display Stand in FFXIV.
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Got a fancy weapon you worked hard for? You can't display it for all to see by learning how to get the Orthos Display Stand in FFXIV, but it's still a cool piece of furniture to have. It's good for your home, your apartment, a friend's house you spend more time in than them, or the FC house you also spend more time in than the folks who just happened to have last logged in seven months ago. They're just busy.

Down below, we'll quickly go over where to get your very own display stand that'll have you wishing you could show off all your cool weapons in FFXIV. Ten years of content means most inventories are filled to the brim with glowing weapons that, while easily glamoured to another, are seldom used. So if you want to show off a grindy relic, follow along for disappointment.


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How to get the Orthos Display Stand

If you've seen a giant orb displaying a weapon just hanging out in a garden in an otherwise lovely place like Gridania, you've probably spotted the Orthos Display Stand.

Added in 6.35, the new item can be used to give an ominous Allagan vibe to a dwelling. Currently, we're not sure how to get it. Though it's clearly linked to Eureka Orthos, it's too early to say how exactly you can get your hands on it.


It's most likely an Accursed Hoard reward with a very low chance, but with it being limited to just one per estate, we're led to believe it's designed as a showy piece that's especially hard to get. It isn't linked to an achievement, either, so it could very well be a rare drop from the final boss of Eureka Orthos at floor 100.

Can you buy the Orthos Display Stand?

No. The Orthos Display Stand is market prohibited. You won't be able to buy, sell, or trade this particular piece of furniture. You'll need to earn it.

Where can you use the Orthos Display Stand?

The Orthos Display Stand follows in the footsteps of a few other rare housing items in that you can only place it outside for the world to see. It can't be placed inside a house.


Can I put other weapons in the Orthos Display Stand?

Sadly not. Despite the Orthos Display Stand showing a weapon that's strikingly similar to a Paladin relic weapon, you can't actually put your own weapon into the display stand. The one in there is the one you have to display.

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