Best Murasame build in Exoprimal

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The best Murasame build realises the full potential of the heavy melee specialist.
Credit: Exoprimal (Capcom)

Capcom's new dinosaur survival IP Exoprimal has a number of different high-tech Exosuit options for players to harness in an attempt to thwart the advances of the oncoming dinosaur swarms. Each suit has its own unique skills and can equip a variety of tools and enhancements to increase its performance. In this article, we will reveal the best Murasame build to create the deadliest version of the heavily-armoured melee specialist.

An Exosuit's build consists of two main components - one rig and three modules. The Rig is a shoulder-mounted tool that you can use to your advantage, whereas the three modules predetermine statistical boosts your Exosuit has prior to the match. With the right combination, you can craft the best Murasame build to guarantee victory in the war games.

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What are Murasame's abilities?

Like all of the other Exosuits, Murasame has a primary attack, three alternative abilities, and an Overdrive Ability. Its attacks and abilities are as follows;

  • Kiri Ichimonji - Murasame's primary attack involves the Tank Exosuit slashing enemies with a vicious combo using his great katana.
  • Crescent Moon - the first alternative ability, Murasame draws his blade and swings it in a circle, damaging dinosaurs and attracting the attention of the survivors.
  • Strafe Hook - this is an evasive ability with the option for players to maximise the space it creates or to unleash a devastating attack. Depending on the button selected, Murasame will either jump or perform a falling attack.
  • Vajra Counter - the Exosuit assumes a defensive position, absorbing damage from nearby enemies until it has sufficient charge to deploy a powerful counter strike.
  • Meikyo Shisui - Murasame's most powerful attack charges up the Exosuit before releasing a high-speed assault with its blades, causing significant damage to its foes.

The best Rig for Murasame

Murasame's strengths lie in taking the dinosaur threat head-on, thus leaving itself vulnerable to being attacked and taking damage. While it is a heavily-armoured suit, sustaining multiple attacks from foes will wear on its health, so health maintenance is important. Because of this, the Aid Rig is best used for this Exosuit, as it enables Murasame to repair itself when the opportunity arises, enabling it to return to combat in prime fighting condition.

Murasame best build Exoprimal
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Credit: Exoprimal (Capcom)
With the right Murasame build, you will be able to beat anything Leviathan throws at you.

The best Modules for Murasame

There are a wide variety of modules that you can unlock to enhance different facets of the Murasame Exosuit. These, however, are the most effective for the Tank;

  1. M01 - Radiance - this module is specific to the Vajra Counter ability, which is arguably Murasame's most powerful tool on account of the power and frequency of which it can be used. This module will increase counter attack range and boost its overall damage.
  2. M - Decimation - Murasame relies on its alternative abilities to wipe out swarms of dinosaurs in quick succession, so the Decimation Module is useful as it improves the Crescent Moon ability. This module increases the attack's damage by 20% at its lowest level, and can be upgraded to be even more effective.
  3. Impact Reduction Module - with the Aid Rig equipped, Mursame has health management under control, so the Impact Reduction Module is a perfect companion to this as it dulls the effectiveness of dinosaur attacks. This module decreases the amount of damage inflicted by dinosaurs, as well as reducing the knockback effect from strong dinosaurs when they go on the offensive.

With these enhancements, you will have a solid Murasame build to boost your chances at another war games victory. For more tips and tricks for Exoprimal, check out our Exosuit tier list and our guide on how to beat a T. rex!

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