Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance: Stonegrinder Boss Fight

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One of the hardest boss fights in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, Stonegrinder is a brutal, berserker troll in the Duergar Halls who can devastate an opponent from up-close. We’ll show you how to beat the Stonegrinder boss fight here, as well as the best tips and strategy, even in solo play.

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How to Beat Stonegrinder Boss Fight in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

To beat the Stonegrinder boss fight in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, players will need to be very careful of the enemy’s attack patterns and avoid every melee hit they can, as Stonegrinder’s attacks can down a player in one or two hits, depending on difficulty. We’ve laid out the best strategy to beat him here.

Strategy and Tips

  • Stonegrinder is far more dangerous up-close than at range. Keep your distance where you can and use ranged attacks if you have them.
  • If you’re playing a melee character, it’s safer to be behind Stonegrinder than in front of him, though he can still hit you with some attack patterns. Get ready to dodge at any time.
  • Most of Stonegrinder’s attacks have electrical elemental damage attached to them. Any equipment you have to reduce this could be a very smart choice going in.
  • Stonegrinder’s upwards swipe creates a line of electrical damage ahead of him. Dodge to the side rather than back.
  • When Stonegrinder raises both hands, he’s about to do a high-damage, short range AOE attack as he smashes his fists into the ground over and over. Keep away until he’s done.
  • Doing heavy damage to Stonegrinder in quick succession can stagger him briefly. If you’re playing with friends and you all have Ultimates ready, try hitting him all at once to get a quick opportunity for follow-up attacks.
  • When Stonegrinder puts both hands to the ground, he’s about to swipe upwards. It’s a powerful attack that’ll send players flying away, and can interrupt powerful moves.
  • Don’t ever be on less than half health if you can avoid it. If you are, immediately back away and heal in whatever way is available.

Once you beat Stonegrinder, you’ll have completed the entire mission, and get all the gold, experience and loot that comes with that! Of course, there’s harder enemies: check out how to beat the game’s final boss here, or the details on the best character here!

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