Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance: Max Level Cap

While you can level up a lot in Dark Alliance, there is a maximum level you can reach where there’s no further to improve. We’ll show you Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance max level cap here, as well as what you can get for reaching it.

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Max Level Cap in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

The max level cap in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is 20, to match the traditional level cap associated with classes in regular D&D games. This is usually achieved by the end of your second playthrough through the campaign, though you can do it quicker by playing at higher difficulties or with friends, as well as replaying certain missions that give extra experience.

Can You Improve Your Character After the Max Level Cap?

There’s no way to level up or gain abilities through experience for any characters who have hit the level cap, though that won’t stop you from gaining new equipment that can add to, or enhance, your existing skills.

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Max Level Cap
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Will the Max Level Cap Be Raised?

There’s no indication from the developers at time of writing that the max level cap will be raised in the future, but it also hasn’t been ruled out. With free DLC planned for the Summer, it’s possible that the max level cap will be raised then to present new milestones for player progression and to create more powerful characters, but that’s purely speculation at time of writing.

Speaking of powerful characters, we’ve ranked all the characters’ power levels over here, so you know the best one to choose. Or find out everything you need to know about Dark Alliance’s launch at our page here!

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