Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance: Hagedorn the Beholder Boss Fight

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The deranged beholder Hagedorn is one of the most difficult boss fights in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, as the monster is capable of dealing huge damage with powerful magic and melee attacks. We’ll show you how to beat the Hagedorn boss fight here, with the best tips and strategy for when you’re going into combat.

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How to Beat the Hagedorn the Beholder Boss Fight in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

To beat the boss fight against Hagedorn the Beholder, players will need to stay incredibly agile, as Hagedorn’s attacks can potentially down a player in a single hit and his speed makes him doubly dangerous, firing attacks or suddenly flying towards the player with little warning. We’ve put together some basic tips and strategies on how to avoid these attacks while also beating Hagedorn for good.

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Hagedorn

Tips and Strategy

  • Most of Hagedorn’s attacks are signified by him opening his mouth. If that happens, get ready to dodge!
  • Hagedorn inflicts a lot of Lightning Damage. Anything that resists that should be equipped before going in.
  • If he glows red, there’s about to be a large beam attack straight ahead of him.
  • When a magic circle appears below Hagedorn he’s about to teleport and rise up in one of the players’ locations (usually the one he’s looking at or closest to). Get ready to dodge, as this reappearance causes AOE damage. Alternatively, hitting him before he teleports can interrupt the attack (assuming you do enough damage).
  • When Hagedorn floats up out of melee range and laughs, lightning will start hitting the ground, marked in advance by little electric circles. There’s very little you can do at this point - he’s completely immune - so just focus on dodging the lightning until he’s done.
  • For strategy, Hagedorn tends to stay still if there’s somebody close to him, focusing entirely on them. A tank to draw his attention in close range can be very effective, while the rest of the party backs off and throws ranged attacks that he won’t respond to. Then tag out and swap for somebody else when they get in trouble.
  • Later in the fight, Hagedorn gets two new attacks - a small-scale circle around him that fires projectiles in all directions (stay agile to avoid these) and a much larger circle that temporarily blinds all players in it (back away entirely until it’s over).

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