Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance: How to Do Execution Attacks

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Execution attacks are the most powerful attacks you can do in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, a dangerous finishing move that can do huge damage to enemies or kill them instantly. We’ll show you how to do execution attacks, and the effects they have on the enemies you hit with them.

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How to Do Execution Attacks in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

To do execution attacks in Dungeons and Dragons, players need to wear down an opponent’s stamina until they’re surrounded by a yellow aura - this marks that their stamina is completely depleted and they’re ready for an execution attack. They’ll also usually pause in some way and look exhausted, though it depends on the enemy themselves.

Now they’re in this condition, hold down the Fierce Attack button to trigger an execution. Fierce Attacks are activated usually by the Right Trigger/R2 on the controller. However, if the enemy takes damage in any other way before this, it’ll cancel this vulnerable state and they’ll go back to normal. Don’t chip away at them before getting your mega-hit in.

Executions do massive damage on enemies and will kill most minor minions in a single blow, so using them when possible is a good way to clear out low-to-mid-level enemies fast.

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Execution

How to Lower Enemy Stamina

Lowering enemy stamina is a tricky business; the game doesn’t explain it in great detail and we’re still working out all the nuances, especially considering there’s no way to view enemy stamina. Here are some tricks we’ve worked out for lowering it:

  • Certain player attacks will lower stamina more than others. Specials, UItimates and Backstabs tend to lower stamina, with many of Drizzt’s abilities being geared towards this.
  • Enemies lose stamina when they make attacks, but lose a lot more when they hit players who block those attacks. Staying defensive with Bruenor can play to this well.

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