DMZ Season Two early patch notes: Server wipes, new map, and more

DMZ Season Two patch notes
Credit: Activision

DMZ Season Two patch notes
Credit: Activision

Despite its issues, DMZ is proving extremely popular among players looking for an alternative to Warzone 2 and its battle royale offering. Instead of attempting to become the last player standing, the objective is to successfully exfil Al Mazrah with any loot earned over the course of a match. The DMZ Season Two patch notes are bound to contain a wealth of changes that improve the mode for the better.

Ahead of the second seasonal update, Infinity Ward continues revealing various pieces of information on what to expect from an update some describe as 'make or break.'

Before we take a closer look at the DMZ Season Two patch notes, take a look at our other guides highlighting the current Warzone 2 meta and all there is to know about the next Warzone 2 double XP events.

DMZ Season Two patch notes

On January 25, Infinity Ward published a blog detailing a wealth of changes coming to DMZ. Ranging from adjustments to the AI to new spawn points, there's plenty that will give the mode a much-needed refresh. Here's all the intel.

Seasonal refresh

Season Two will introduce a refresh of the current selection of Faction missions in addition to a full reset of your inventory. This means all the keys and weapons earned will disappear once the new season begins.

It's a great change that aims to spice up the game before it becomes stale.

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Credit: Activision

AI adjustments

AI is an integral part of the DMZ experience and you may find the combatants shredding through your armour in the blink of an eye. Thankfully, Infinity Ward will balance the types of AI within Al Mazrah and the spawn rate.

This aims to maintain some degree of difficulty but it'll be easier to take down larger groups of opponents.

Easier missions

Another area the developer is tweaking involves mission difficulty. According to feedback, some missions were far too difficult. To make them easier, the scaling of difficulty as the tiers progress is adjusted which makes it much easier to secure an insured slot.

There you have it. These are the main changes expected to arrive in the full DMZ Season Two patch notes. Once we hear more, we'll update the guide with all of the changes arriving. In the meantime, check out the best Warzone 2 sniper rifle to use in Al Mazrah.

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