Destiny 2 Season of the Deep mid-season patch notes

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Destiny 2 mid-season update
Credit: Bungie

The Destiny 2 Season of the Deep mid-season patch arrives just in time to spice things up for veterans of the looter shooter.

The season, which started on 23 May, is now on its sixth week after the 4 July weekly reset with Bungie revealing what can fans expect for the second stretch of the season.

On a developer update on the Bungie official site, the devs stated that, while this mid-season update is smaller compared to previous ones, there is still a lot to look forward to, especially if you're anticipating Destiny 2 weapon changes.

Without further ado, take a look at the full Destiny 2 Season of the Deep mid-season patch notes down below.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep mid-season full patch notes

First off, let's start by listing changes to weapon archetypes and specific guns.

Destiny 2 season of the deep mid-season update
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Credit: Bungie
Graviton Lance is getting nerfed

Weapon archetypes

Pulse Rifles

  • Reduced auto aim angle at 0 Aim Assist stat by ~10%.


Lightweight Bows

  • Increased fixed damage falloff start distance from 15m to 25m.
  • Increased fixed damage falloff end distance from 20m to 45m.
  • Increased final accuracy by ~10%.

Submachine Guns


  • Made improvements to Shayura's Wrath ADS dynamic reticle.


Lightweight Shotguns

  • Reduced the spread angle of the outer horizontal pellets by 15%.

Exotic weapons

Graviton Lance

  • Increased PvE damage by 67%.
  • Removed the extra aim assist provided by the catalyst.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by the Cosmology explosion by 40% against players. Damage in PvE unchanged.

No Time to Explain

  • Reduced range stat by 10.

Fighting Lion

  • Fixed an issue where the Chimera perk on the catalyst wasn't applying the buffs to Kinetic and Power slot weapons.


Gutshot Straight

  • Reduced auto aim penalty by 37.5%.


  • Reduced auto aim penalty by 33%.

Target Lock

  • Reduced maximum damage versus players from 40% to 25%.
  • Damage in PvE unchanged.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep mid-season update - Release date

One final thing to mention is that we don't have an actual release date for the mid-season update. Once we do, we'll update the article accordingly.

And that's it! As Bungie said, it isn't the biggest mid-season update, but it brings some interesting changes.

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