How to unlock Impossible Mode in Dead Space remake

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Isaac looking at Nicole stuck behind a window in the Dead Space remake
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Dead Space is a game that rewards players willing to play through it multiple times. You can get a secret hidden ending, new suits, and a better understanding of how the game works. If you're looking to know how to unlock Dead Space remake Impossible Mode, this is what you should know.

If you're looking for a challenge, then Impossible Mode in the Dead Space remake makes everything a little harder. It makes ammo harder to find, enemies tougher, and it amps up the scare factor.


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How to unlock the Dead Space remake Impossible Mode

If you're looking to unlock the Dead Space remake Impossible Mode, you have to play through the game first. You can play through it on the easiest mode and you'll still unlock it, even if you may find it considerable harder.

You start off Impossible Mode with the last suit you used in the previous playthrough. Just make sure you play the new game immediately after finishing the previous one, because you don't want to be stuck with an inferior suit from a replay you're midway through otherwise.

Isaac Clarke facing away from a glowing billboard in the Dead Space remake.

Can you start Dead Space remake on Impossible Mode?

No, you cannot start the Dead Space remake in Impossible Mode. You need to be familiar with the game to deal with the difficulty spike, so it makes sense that you need to have completed it at least once to unlock it. There's technically a chance it could be added from the beginning in a future update, but it seems unlikely.

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