How to get Dead Space remake Burnished Suit

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Isaac wearing a futuristic suit on Aegis VII in the Dead Space remake.
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The Dead Space remake has so many different guns and suits to collect. Not only do they make a cosmetic difference but they also change how you play. If you really want to see everything in the game, here's how to get the Dead Space remake Burnished Suit.

As it is an infamously difficult suit to get your hands on, we'll go over the steps necessary to get it, as well as some general tips to take on the hardest parts of the Dead Space remake. This suit can be a bit of a pain to get, but it's worth it for bragging rights.


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How to get the Dead Space remake Burnished Suit

The Dead Space remake Burnished Suit is easily the hardest to get in the entire game. First, you have to unlock Impossible Mode. You can do this by beating the game on any difficulty. After this, you have to play through and beat the entire game on Impossible Mode.

This leaves you with far less resources and you take even more damage from every hit. You have to know every inch of the ship to get through this, learning enemy placements and all the game's resources.


If you want any chance of making it through this mode, you should probably beat the game on hard difficulty first. This will allow you to prepare for some of the difficulties you will face. You do start the game with the suit you finished the previous playthrough in, so make sure to get that upgraded and ready to go by the end of your current playthrough.

Isaac with his helmet off, lurking in a hallway in the Dead Space remake.

As well as all of this, you have one rolling save slot and, if you die, your entire run is over. On the plus side, you get the suit, an achievement, and the hand cannon weapon if you can beat it.


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