Where to find Michael's Keys in Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2 Michael holding a fire extinguisher
Credit: Dambuster Studios
April 24, 2023: Still looking for Michael's keys?

In this guide, we'll take a look at where to find Michael's keys in Dead Island 2, in the "Michael, O Where Art Thou?" mission. Dead Island 2 has many secrets that you need to uncover if you are a fan of completing a game to 100%.

Michael, to whom this mission is dedicated, is one of the survivors of the plane crash at the start of the game. Committed to making Emma Jaunt's life that much easier, he goes wandering around the streets of Hell-A looking for one particular item.

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Where do you need to look for Michael's Keys in Dead Island 2?

Completing this quest will not take you much time, because you only need to perform a few actions. Below you can read all the stages of the quest in detail with attached screenshots to help you navigate better:

A crowd of zombies near the house in Dead Island 2
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Before you get to Michael's house, don't forget to stock up on weapons and resources, because there will be a whole crowd of zombies waiting for you around the house that you need to deal with to continue the mission.

The relatively fresh food in Dead Island 2
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Upon entering the house and looking around, you will realise that Michael has been there recently. One of the hints that indicate this is the relatively fresh food. After you find this out, the game will prompt you to examine the area better and try to find Michael's keys.

Michael's Keys in Dead Island 2
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Michael's Keys in Dead Island 2 can be found in the kitchen. If you look around, you can see the trash can with the key. By going to the dustbin and inspecting it, you can find Michael's keys, just the ones you need to complete the task.

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