How to open Jamal's Stash in Dead Island 2

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The character lying in a pool in Dead Island 2.
April 25, 2023: Struggling to open Jamal's stash in Dead Island 2? Find out where to find the key in our guide.

There are many secret boxes and chests that you can encounter in the game, so today we are going to tell you how to open Jamal’s Stash in Dead Island 2, and where to find its key. This short quest may be quite problematic to complete, and we will be glad to help.

Also, you will need to prepare a good weapon, as the key can only be obtained by defeating a powerful zombie. So, get ready for a tough fight!

How to open Jamal’s Stash in Dead Island 2

There are two different crates, called Jamal’s Stash and Jamal’s Ammo. They can be found near the big crossroad in the Halperin Hotel area. Search for the red truck that contains both of these boxes inside.

If you want to open Jamal’s Stash or Jamal’s Ammo, you will have to find Jamal’s Crate Key. This item drops from Jamal himself, and this zombie may be problematic to find.

Jamal's Crate Key in Dead Island 2.
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How to find Jamal in Dead Island 2

Jamal is the zombie who has the key you need. He can be encountered near the red truck we already mentioned, after you complete the Plumbing The Depths quest. This task will reward you with an opportunity to take quests related to missing people.

Jamal is one of those missing people, and he will spawn if you take his quest. Head to the crossroad near the Halperin Hotel and search for an armoured zombie called “Jamal?”. Upon defeat, he will drop you the Crate key.


These two boxes can provide you with some valuable items and hopefully, Jamal won’t cause you many problems. After you defeat him, you will be able to use his key and get your rewards. Complete this quest and find out what items you will obtain!

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