Dead Island 2 consumables - Where to find and how to use

Screenshot of Dead Island 2 player creating explosion near zombies
Credit: Dambuster Studios

Screenshot of Dead Island 2 player creating explosion near zombies
Credit: Dambuster Studios
April 21, 2023: There are a handful of consumables that will keep you alive in Hell-A. Take a look at our guide showcasing all of the items on offer.

Over the course of your time in Hell-A, Dead Island 2 consumables will become incredibly useful when it comes to evading the undead and unlocking new areas of the map. Thanks to traders and the huge range of loot available to collect in Dead Island 2, there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on some useful gear.

Depending on what you need, there are a variety of consumables to utilise to gain the upper hand against any nearby zombies and after exploring all that Hell-A has to offer, we've got all the intel you need to know.

But, before we take a closer look at all of the Dead Island 2 consumables, check out our guides revealing if the game features cross-platform capabilities and the best slayer to use.

Dead Island 2 consumables list

Ranging from food to items that open up locked buildings, there are plenty of consumables you can find. Here's a full list of consumables we've found so far:

  • Med Kit - Earned by completing the Bel-Air Brawl quest.
  • Heavy Rounds - Earned by completing the Cremains of the Dead side quest.
  • Energy drink
  • Protein bar
  • Fuse - Bought at traders.
  • Nailgun Cartridges - Earned by completing the Plumbing the Depths quest.
  • Pistol Rounds - Earned by completing the Saddle up for Santa Monica quest.
  • Rifle Rounds - Earned by completing The Red Mist quest.
  • Shotgun shells - Earned by completing the Cremains of the Day side quest.

The first three relate to regenerating your health as fast as possible. You can choose to purchase med kits or loot them as and when you find them. They restore plenty of health while energy drinks and protein bars only restore a small amount.

Fuses are another important consumable you should familiarise yourself with in Dead Island 2. Throughout Hell-A, you'll find broken fuse boxes requiring a fuse in order to open the gate or garage door. If you're struggling to find them, take a look at our guide on how to get fuses (link).

Dead Island 2 Crusher zombie swinging arm
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Credit: Dambuster Studios

How to use consumables in Dead Island 2

The process of using consumables in Dead Island 2 is very straightforward. Simply press the D-pad on your controller or the key you've bound the function to use the item.

Usually, there's a prompt before you perform the action making it very easy to do.

How many consumables are in Dead Island 2?

At the time of writing, it's impossible to determine the exact number of consumables in Dead Island 2. So far, we've managed to find four but as we progress through the game, we expect to find plenty more items that will prove useful in the fight against the undead.

Once we find more, we'll update the guide with everything you need to know.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about Dead Island 2 consumables. For more, take a look at our guides showcasing how to make money fast and all the intel on the gun list.

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