Dead Island 2 Biohazard Container key - Key location and rewards

Dead Island 2 character fights a zombie

Dead Island 2 character fights a zombie
April 24, 2023: Wondering where to find the Biohazard container key? Find its location and the reward you can earn in this guide.

The Dead Island 2 Biohazard container key is one you'll want to scope out. Weapon modifications in Dead Island 2 are something you should definitely seek out if you want to destroy all the hordes of zombies in style. Mods can be found throughout the game at various locations, including Beverly Hills. But they're not always easy to get into.

For example, it's in the Biohazard Container that you can find the Acid Rain weapon perk. But you won't get in without the key. Use the following instructions to figure out how to get it without any struggles. No amount of shooting the lock is going to bust it open.

Where to find the Biohazard Container key in Dead Island 2

To start your hunt for the Biohazard Container key location, you need to get to the garage of the central house in Beverly Hills. That's where SSG. Hernandez can be found.

Dead Island 2 map
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This zombie is immune to caustic damage, so choose the right weapons and perks before you fight him to avoid a swift defeat. Avoid close-combat if possible. It's an agile one that can kill you with one or two blows. Use a shotgun if you have one. The spread will make hitting the moving target much easier.

After killing the enemy, you can take the biohazard container key from him and go in search of the container itself.

Dead Island 2 Secure Bio Container
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While in the building, you can find the container on the ground floor near the yellow bins. Use your key to open it. Your reward will be the Acid Rain perk, which you can use with your weapons and deal additional chemical damage to enemies.

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