How many chapters are in Dave the Diver?

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Dave the Diver: the boat
Credit: Mintrocket

Today, we will tell you how many chapters are in Dave the Diver. This incredibly popular Steam game is still in development and will probably see more content in the future, but for now there are already plenty of chapters to play through.

In this guide, we will list all the chapters that are currently available in Dave the Diver. Also, we will tell you how much time you will need to spend in order to complete them.

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How many chapters are in Dave the Diver?

Currently, there are four chapters that you can play in Dave the Diver. Also, the game has a prologue, which can be considered a separate chapter. Here’s a list of all of them:

  • Prologue - A Sushi Bar by the Blue Hole
  • Chapter 1 - Traces of the Sea People
  • Chapter 2 - Into the Deep
  • Chapter 3 - A Request from the Sea People
  • Chapter 4 - To the Abandoned Cave

These are all the chapters that you can currently play, but there are likely to be more. In the final version, there should be seven of them.

The first three chapters were released in early access, and the fourth one was added a few days after. So, we expect to see more chapters in future updates.

Dave the Diver: underwater world
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Credit: Mintrocket
Dave the Diver: how many chapters will you have to complete?

How long does it take to beat all the chapters in Dave the Diver?

It’s hard to say right now how long Dave the Diver will be, as we have only four chapters. But currently, it will take you 12+ hours to complete all available chapters. If you want to collect everything and explore all the secrets of this game, then you will have to spend about 22 hours.

As you can see, Dave the Diver is a really massive game compared to other titles from the indie genre. We wish you the best of luck in exploring all of its secrets! And if you are looking for more content, check out our list of the best action-adventure games.

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