Dave the Diver best weapons tier list

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Dave the Diver: underwater world
Credit: Mintrocket

If you want to dive really deep and encounter the most dangerous creatures, you will need to prepare a decent arsenal and we will provide you with a Dave the Diver best weapons tier list. Here you will find some good devices to use and they will definitely help you on your uneasy journey.

This list will consist of the five best weapons in Dave the Diver. Hopefully, some device will pique your interest and you will find it useful!

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Best weapons tier list in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver: underwater world
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Credit: Mintrocket
Let's see the five best weapons in Dave the Diver!

Dave the Diver has several weapon types, and they can have various modifications. Here are the best guns that you can find and use in this game.

5. Red Sniper Rifle

The Red Sniper Rifle is probably the best weapon when it comes to dealing with big targets at a decent range. The best feature of this gun is that it can shoot at any distance. Basically, its bullets will keep moving until they hit something. So, with the help of this weapon, you will be able to take down any predator, if there are no hindrances between you.

However, this weapon has a couple of disadvantages. First of all, it requires you to be a very skilful player, as hitting things with a sniper rifle is not easy. The fact that it has low ammunition does not make the situation better.

4. Triple Axel

The Triple Axel is a kind of shotgun that is able to deal decent damage to anything that comes too close. This is one of the first weapons you can get in Dave the Diver, and it is easy to upgrade. Also, it works great with different status effects, as three bullets can easily inflict different debuffs.

The biggest disadvantage of this weapon is its range. It shoots three bullets that fly in different directions. So, it is easy to miss a target that is too far away from you.

3. Grenade Launcher

Here’s another great weapon for close combat. The Grenade Launcher deals fantastic damage and allows you to handle any predator. However, like any other weapon, it has some disadvantages.

The Grenade Launcher fires slow projectiles that have a poor trajectory. So, it will be hard to hit something that is not close to you. Also, the gun has a small ammo capacity.

2. Shark Harpoon

The Shark Harpoon is the final upgrade to your basic Harpoon Gun, and deals significant damage for a weapon of this category. However, its disadvantages are the same as those of other harpoons. Even though it has unlimited ammo and works as a main weapon, its stats are not that impressive compared to other guns.

1. Sticky Bomb Gun


This is one of the rarest weapons in Dave the Diver and it is indeed impressive. It allows you to shoot projectiles at a decent distance. The coolest thing about this gun is that it fires grenades that stick to anything they hit. Also, they fly in a straight line, which makes them useful even at long range.

The weapon is difficult to find and has a low ammo capacity. However, it is definitely worth using!

These are some of the best weapons you can use in Dave the Diver and they will be really helpful. Get them as soon as you can and you will get a significant advantage! And while you are here, make sure to check out our list of the best free PC games.

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