How to upgrade the Stagecoach in Darkest Dungeon 2

Darkest Dungeon 2: Stagecoach

Darkest Dungeon 2: Stagecoach

Today, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to upgrade the Stagecoach in Darkest Dungeon 2 and make your journey a success. In Darkest Dungeon 2, the Stagecoach is your lifeline to the dangerous journey ahead. It is important to keep it in perfect condition to ensure the safety of your squad.

Upgrading the Stagecoach requires resources and time, but it is a necessary step if you actually plan to beat this game. So, let's get started.

Darkest Dungeon 2: Stagecoach
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Darkest Dungeon 2 Stagecoach upgrade guide

The first step is to reach an Inn, which will appear at the end of each segment of the game. Once at the Inn, you need to go to the Wainwright tab, which allows you to equip or unequip items for the stagecoach. It's worth noting that in case you find some items outside of the Inn, you may not be able to wear them until you get to the Inn.

There are several ways to obtain stagecoach upgrades, including hitting debris on the road, purchasing them from the Provisioner or Hoarder, and occasionally receiving them as rewards from Assistance Encounters. Since Darkest Dungeon 2 is a roguelike game, you are not guaranteed to receive the upgrades you need, but it's always worth trying your luck and searching for them.

It is important to note that the stagecoach can initially look not that interesting and you may want to ignore it, as it consumes flames and doesn't help in combat. However, as you progress, the stagecoach's benefits will grow and more upgrades will become available.

In conclusion, upgrading the stagecoach is crucial for progressing in the game, as it will provide you with various supplies. Without these supplies, it is impossible to survive the many challenges that await you in Darkest Dungeon 2.

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