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Dark and Darker Promo Art Roadmap

Has a Dark and Darker roadmap been laid out by Ironmace yet? Dark and Darker is shaping up to be one of the most unique releases of 2023. Set as a hardcore PvPvE dungeon-crawling adventure, the game really hit home for a lot of players that tried its early access release last week.

With incredibly positive reviews for a debut release by the studios, players anxiously await what Ironmace has lined up for the future of their surprise hit.

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What is the Dark and Darker roadmap?

Now that Dark and Darker has finally seen an early access release, fans can see a much bigger picture of what to expect from the game's full release. However, it is important to remember that despite the game being purchasable at this stage, it is still in development meaning huge new features and more classes are definitely on the way.

However, we can't talk about what's next for the game without mentioning Ironmace's legal troubles with the Korean game studio Nexon. The latter accused Ironmace of stealing their company’s assets, so for this reason, the game's release in Korean markets is seeing some understandable hurdles. As Ironmace themselves put it in a recent developer’s note:

“Unfortunately, we encountered some challenges that couldn’t be overcome in time for the Early Access launch. As much as it pains us, we won’t be able to service the game in Korea because we are still awaiting a rating from the Korean Game Rating Board (GRAC).”

Korean release

Fortunately, Ironmace goes on to reiterate that a Korean release will be coming, just as soon as they overcome a few legal issues. For similar reasons, Voice over IP (VoIP) will also be temporarily unavailable during the starting stages of early access. Very candidly, Ironmace then goes over their reasons for adding an in-game shop, as well as its appreciation for fans sticking with them through development. This was expressed through the Founder’s Edition add-on.

After this, it subtly describes the roadmap for Dark and Darker going forward. It mentions that many key features are currently missing from the game and that the leaderboard system in particular will be seeing some tweaks and refinement. According to Ironmace, the other features will be “added in the upcoming months.”


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