Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion SOLDIER Outfit location

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Cloud in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Though he isn't even part of SOLDIER during (or after) the events of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, there comes a time in the game when you need know how to find the SOLDIER Outfit for Cloud to wear. His clothes are soaked in Mako energy, and while his potential new duds aren't much cleaner, they're certainly better than hugging the Final Fantasy equivalent of uranium. You just need to find them.

If you haven't played the game and have just happened upon this page by chance, you might want a look away now. This is spoiler territory. So if you're planning on playing the game, it's best you move along. If you're stuck looking for Cloud's new outfit, though, read on: we'll help you out.

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How to get the SOLDIER Outfit for Cloud in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Once you've broken free of Professor Hojo's laboratory beneath Shinra Mansion, you'll bust Cloud out of the tank beside you and carry him back to the first-floor bedroom.

Clearly not quite as ok with the whole implantation of Sephiroth/Jenova cells, and likely still reeling from being skewered by the one-winged angel's lengthy blade, Cloud will need to rest on the bed for a while.

You're free to scout out Nibelheim at this point, and it's likely your last chance to figure out the Shinra Mansion safe code, too.

But before Cloud can leave the manor, you need to find him a change of clothes to stop the Mako poisoning from seeping even further into him. So how do you do this? By backtracking a little.

The Dresser Key location in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.
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If you went to Shinra Mansion prior to these events, you probably came across a few dressers in another room upstairs that just wouldn't open. The SOLDIER uniform you're looking for is in there.

To bust it open, though, you need to be at this point in the game. To unlock the dresser in Shinra Mansion, you actually need to go back down the elevator in the room Cloud is in.

Backtrack your way through the Shinra Laboratory until you find the tank room you just broke out of. Remember the scientist Zack socked after splashing onto the ground? Interact with his unconscious body to get the Dresser Key.

Take the dresser key back up into the manor and interact with the wardrobe closest to the door in the room at the opposite side of the house to Cloud's own and you'll get the SOLDIER uniform you need.

The SOLDIER Outfit location in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.
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How do I make Cloud wear the SOLDIER uniform in Shinra Mansion?

Don't worry about dressing Cloud up in the dusty rags you just found in the mansion. There's a time and a place, and rushing back as soon as you found them likely isn't the right moment. You can interact with him all you want, but you won't be prompted to dress the struggling Shinra grunt.

Instead, just hold onto them. Once you've scouted out Nibelheim and determined that it's safe to try to get Cloud out of there, you'll dress him in a cutscene before lugging him out.


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