Is Blood Bowl 3 cross platform?

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Two characters are fighting in Blood Bowl 3.
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The upcoming Blood Bowl 3 game from the Warhammer franchise is going to be released on various platforms. So, there are lots of questions about its performance and features. Today we will tell you if Blood Bowl 3 is cross platform.

Being able to play with friends across consoles and platforms is always a handy feature, especially for multiplayer games like Blood Bowl 3. So, will the upcoming release contain this feature?


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The field with players in Blood Bowl 3.

Is Blood Bowl 3 cross platform?

We already know that Blood Bowl 3 will be released on numerous platforms, so it makes sense that it would be cross platform. However, in 2020 the developers said on Twitter that they are still waiting for confirmation of the cross platform feature for online matchmaking. So, we have yet to see if it comes to all possible platforms or not, as there hasn't been a concrete answer.


Since the tweet is now more than two years old, there's a very high probability that this feature is now sorted for the final release. Therefore, we expect everyone will be able to play with their friends in Blood Bowl 3, regardless of your console.

Which platforms Blood Bowl 3 is available on?

Given it will almost certainly come with crossplay at launch, it's crucial to know which systems Blood Bowl 3 will be available for. They are as follows:

  • PC
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch

The third Warhammer football game looks promising, and we are looking forward to its release. There you will be able to play as various football teams that consist of different creatures from this grimdark fantasy world. Let's just hope cross platform capabilities are included at launch!

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