Best Skyrim sex mods for 2023

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A creek with running water against a sunset in Skyrim.
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If you look around the internet, you will find out that there is plenty of adult content for Skyrim. If you want to save time searching, you can check our list and download the best Skyrim sex mods. Even though it might sound pretty strange, creative mod developers have made various adult modifications for Skyrim.

By reading this guide, you will find out the best Skyrim sex mods for 2023. Moreover, there are some modifications with VR support, allowing you to get the perfect game experience while playing Skyrim.


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Here are the best Skyrim sex mods

  • Flower Girls
  • Luxury Collection
  • Furniture Bondage
  • Schlongs of Skyrim
  • Clams of Skyrim
  • SexLab
  • Bannered Mare

Flower Girls

Flower Girls in Skyrim.

Flower Girls is one of the most popular Skyrim sex modifications nowadays. Installing this modification adds more girls into each Skyrim city. They can flirt with you, seduce you, and try to increase your libido in different ways.


One of the main advantages of the Flower Girls mod is that this modification supports the VR version of Skyrim. Moreover, it works without lags and bugs, which is always handy. You can combine it with any other Skyrim modification, and feel free to enjoy the modified version of the game.

Luxury Collection

Luxury Collection is one of the best Skyrim modifications for people who use female characters playing the game. Installing the Luxury Collection mod brings to the game over 50 risqué outfits that will make your character look stunning. Various bikinis, dresses, and fashioned strings will be available in Skyrim after you install this modification. Moreover, some outfits from this modification might make your character completely naked.

The only disadvantage of the Luxury Collection mod is that it might significantly reduce FPS. It uses 2K textures and high poly models, which can increase the game requirements on your PC.

Furniture Bondage

Furniture Bondage is the perfect modification for people whose primary passion is sex. Installing this mod adds many new furniture sets to Skyrim. Using Furniture Bondage, you can transform any dungeon into the red room from Fifty Shades of Grey. After that, you can invite the girls added from other mods to this room.

Schlongs of Skyrim

Schlongs of Skyrim is one of the strangest but still extremely popular sex modifications for Skyrim. Schlongs of Skyrim mod allows you to manage the man’s genitalia just as you want. You can change the size, add animations, and even change the shape using the SoS mod. The only disadvantage is that developers stopped updating it five years ago, so it may no longer work with your hardware or version of the game.


Clams of Skyrim

Clams of Skyrim is a unique modification which consists of a few other mods. The mod developer created it for himself but soon decided to release this exciting modification to the public. Moreover, this modification is constantly upgraded. So, the developer can add even more content here soon.

Generally, this mod is one of Skyrim’s best female body replacers. It adds various female and male genitalia to the game. The only disadvantage of the Clams of Skyrim is that it was made for the base version of Skyrim. Therefore, modification might work laggy on Skyrim Special Edition and other game versions.


SexLab is the best mod for adults who like sex and want to have it in Skyrim. The mod includes five unique features that entirely change your gameplay. Below is a description of each feature that is added in this modification:

  • Lovers Comfort - Triggers sex with your spouse.
  • Followers Comfort - Starts sex relationships between you and the follower.
  • NPC Comfort - Married/Lovers NPCs will be able to have sex in random locations over the world.
  • Couple Swinging - This feature enables you and your spouse to start swinging with NPC couples.
  • Spouse Lover - Enables your spouse to find a lover if you do not give them enough pleasure in bed.

Bannered Mare

A woman walking into a tavern in Skyrim.

Bannered Mare is a recreation of one of the oldest mods in Skyrim. The modification transforms the Banned Mare tavern into the perfect place for sex. It adds metal gibbets, poles, a sarcophagus, a jail, and more. If you want to invite your spouse here, there is a giant bed on the second floor. Here you can easily make all your dreams come true.

The Bannered Mare is one of the most extensive sex modifications you can download in all of Skyrim. Moreover, it can be combined with other mods to reach the best in-game experience.

That’s it for our look at the best Skyrim sex mods for 2023. As you can see, this game doesn't lack content for adults. New mods might appear in the game extremely fast. So, we will keep this article updated to enable you to get the best mods quickly. While you are still here, make sure to check our guide to the best Resident Evil 2 mods for 2023!