Best Rocket League camera settings for PC and console

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Rocket League cover
Credit: Steam

Like in many sports games on consoles and PC today, it's no longer enough to simply be able to play Rocket League well, you also need to master your surroundings, such as field vision or team of play. That is why it's important to know the best Rocket League camera settings to use when playing on console or PC.

Having a bird's-eye view of the field in any sports game will not only help you become better, but you're also likely to take control of the game and perhaps win it. And although Rocket League might come off as a simple game, it gets harder once you start climbing the ranks and facing tougher opponents.

And like many other games, settings such as graphics, audio, and sensitivity are usually up to a player's preference and the game's controls aren't as complicated as say the likes of Grid Autosports. What we'll be guiding you through in this article is how you can use the best Rocket League camera setting and grant yourself a competitive advantage against professional players.

Best Rocket League camera settings

While it's great to see that the popular game has made its way to mobile devices, this guide only takes players through the best Rocket League camera settings for console and PC. So without wasting any more time, let's dive in!

  • Field of View: 110
  • Camera Distance: 268
  • Camera Height: 105
  • Camera Angle: -3.6
  • Camera Stiffness: 0.46
  • Swivel Speed: 5.2
  • Transition Speed: 1.2
  • Camera Shake: Off
Rocket League Gfinity
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Credit: Steam

We'll now go into a little bit more detail on the different camera settings and why we've chose the option we have.

Field of View: 110

You can use the Field of View setting to adjust how much of an area you can see from your car. You can increase or decrease your FoV based on your preference. Increasing it will enlarge and give you a better view of the field. Some players tend to leave theirs at 107 or 109, but after testing it out, we advise you set your FoV to 110.

Camera Distance: 268

The game's camera not only extends your FoV but also lets you increase your gaze on the field. And although many players might go with the maximum viewing range, this can cause a loss of accuracy because the camera will be further away, shrinking the size of your car and the ball. So do maintain a camera distance of 268, just to get enough coverage of the field.

Camera Height: 105

Height is also important as well because it adjusts the level of the camera behind you from above. Higher cameras will help you a lot when dribbling because they give you a better look at your car. Most professional Rocket League players set their camera height between 90 to 120, with an average of 103.6, but for a balanced preference, set it to 105.

Camera Angle: -3.6

This setting simply adjusts the overall steepness of your view. Choosing to lower it significantly will create lots of bumps because the default camera angle setting isn't anywhere near the average, so you ought to leave this at -3.6. This will give you a nice angle that will also allow you to keep a close eye on opponents coming for the ball.

Camera Stiffness: 0.46

The camera stiffness has to do with how far the camera adjusts every time you reach max speed. We suggest setting this to 0.46 to allow the camera movement to significantly decrease at max speed.

Swivel Speed: 5.2

Use this to adjust your camera's quickness whenever you use the cam stick. Setting it to a higher volume of 5.2 will see your camera make swift turns.

Transition Speed: 1.2

You can set your preferred transition speed to control how fast you switch between the ball camera and your point of view. And although a faster transition might seem like a better plan, using instant shift is often distracting.

Camera Shake: Off

Lastly, turn off the camera shake. This isn't merely a suggestion, but if you're looking to take Rocket League to a whole new level, turning off the camera shake is the first thing you ought to do. It's a silly setting that disrupts you and makes it hard for you to get the necessary information throughout a game.

So there you have it, the best camera Rocket League camera settings that'll not give you a competitive advantage, but might as well make you enjoy the game like a pro. For more on Rocket League, check out the latest Rocket League codes and our picks for the best controller to use.

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