Best Modern Warfare 2 pistol 2022

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Image showing Modern Warfare player holding pistol
Credit: Activision

Pistols in Call of Duty are an ideal crutch to fall back on in case your primary weapon runs out of ammunition or if you're in need of a strong weapon to make an impact in close-quarters scenarios. Some pistols feature a semi-automatic firing mechanic while others possess incredible rates of fire capable of shredding through opposition in a matter of seconds, making them the best Modern Warfare 2 pistol.

With the launch of Modern Warfare 2 on the horizon, players are already searching for intel on the game's extensive arsenal of weaponry. While pistols never feature alongside the likes of assault rifles and submachine guns, selecting the best Modern Warfare 2 pistol can make all the difference.

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What is the best Modern Warfare 2 pistol?

With the Modern Warfare 2 beta on the horizon, players will have an opportunity to test a small selection of weaponry that will appear in the full game when it launches at the end of October. Alongside the primary weapon categories, there's a high chance a handful of pistols will appear in the loadouts of players.

Once we've had a chance to test the pistols, we will update the guide with the very best handgun to use alongside the primary weapon of your choice.

Modern Warfare 2 pistol tier list

Typically, there's a high chance some pistols will stand out from the rest of the category. Depending on factors such as damage output and firepower, we will rank them so you know which pistols are worth ranking up and which ones you should avoid until you need to complete some camo challenges.

While we wait to find out the full selection of available pistols, check out the Modern Warfare 2 guns list to see what else is available in the extensive arsenal of weaponry.

Image showing Modern Warfare player holding pistol
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 beta start date


The Modern Warfare 2 beta begins on September 16, 2022, the day after the Call of Duty Next event. Described as "era-defining," the event will contain a full Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer reveal in addition to more information on Warzone 2 and Warzone Mobile.

Weekend one is open exclusively to PlayStation users while the second weekend allows Xbox and PC players to get in amongst the action.

That's all we know about the best Modern Warfare 2 pistols so far. When the beta gets underway and as the Modern Warfare 2 cycle progresses, we will regularly update the guide to guarantee you're using the best pistol in multiplayer. For more, check out our guide showcasing the best Modern Warfare 2 guns to use.