The best Minecraft skins in 2022

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Minecraft Spongebob and Buzz Lightyear

For eleven years, Mojang's award-winning game has become one of the most expansive and enjoyable titles in the video game industry with its dedicated community of players and countless DLC packs to give more to play and create. But what are the best Minecraft skins in 2022?

Throughout the past few months, there have been some great crossover expansions and skin packs where anyone can play their favourite animated character, the world's greatest detective Batman, and explore the frozen landscapes of the world.

As well as finally being able to don the capes of DC superheroes and villains, this year has also seen some creative new cosmetic items for the player's avatar to celebrate upcoming holidays and blockbuster releases by talented individuals. Between major licensed brands and skilled artists, these are some of the best avatar skins of 2022.

Best Minecraft Skins 2022

From comic book heroes to loveable television mascots to characters that could have appeared in the Minecraft universe itself, these ones stood out for their detail and creativity that anyone can enjoy as they build new worlds and battle their way through hordes of explosive Creepers.


The Minecraft Batman DLC pack
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Batman DLC Pack for Minecraft

Released just in time for the anticipated Gotham Knights video game this week, fans of DC's devoted detective will be able to bring the Batfamily along for the Overworld. But these heroes will not be the only ones to join them on the adventure through Gotham City as some of their greatest enemies like the Joker, Riddler, and The Penguin attempt to stop players from rescuing Alfred Pennyworth from the Clown Prince of Crime.

As part of the collection of 18 skins available in the pack, Batman himself stands out as the developers are able to add plenty of detail into his look that many will instantly recognise from the ears on his mask to the shades of yellow on his utility belt. Furthermore, if the trailer has anything to go by, he will also have a variety of looks from his comic book history that will hopefully lead to future expansions.

Tuff Golem, the Living Rock

The Tuff Golems Minecraft skin
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Tuff Golems

Created by Nighthearted on, this particular skin was originally made for people to show their support for one of the three new characters from Mob Vote 2022 who could be included in a future update for the game. One of these was the Tuff Golem, a group of statues that would come alive and carry items before returning to their original spots.

The mischievous group may have been outvoted by the Sniffer, but this creative individual was able to turn this small NPC into a great skin filled with plenty of small detail in the stonework of its body. Its red robe and piercing blue eyes makes it a memorable custom creation for those who originally voted for them as they can freely explore their created worlds as one of them.

Spongebob Squarepants

The Spongebob Squarepants DLC pack for Minecraft
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Spongebob Squarepants DLC Pack for Minecraft

Everyone knows him and many Nickelodeon fans love him, Spongebob has continued to become one of the most-watched cartoons of all time. But despite the franchise not slowing down anytime soon, his games haven't been as successful, even with the remake of Battle for Bikini Bottom.

However, Mojang created the ideal solution with the DLC pack dedicated to the sea sponge by creating some great skins alongside levels based on numerous iconic locations of Bikini Bottom. Players may enjoy being in the tentacles of Squidward or the claws of Mr Krabs, but Spongebob's square body and features fit too perfectly in Minecraft.

Black Adam

Black Adam in Fortnite - he has a Minecraft skin too.
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Black Adam in Fortnite

To get gamers ready for the anticipated release of DCEU's latest movie, Black Adam, Fortnite will see the antihero invade the island in the footsteps of other iconic DC characters. But while not officially making the same trip through The Nether Portal, thanks to MalthePSJ from, he has been the unexpected saviour for DC fans.

Unlike the Batman DLC pack, this skin is inspired by Dwayne Johnson's appearance as the powerful and intimidating being with the dark gold colour, bald head, and the massive yellow lightning symbol on his chest. Altogether, these elements brilliantly capture the character's appearance and the details of shading make him stand out more compared to previous skins based on Shazam's rival.

Buzz Lightyear

Lightyear DLC Pack for Minecraft, featuring a Buzz Lightyear Minecraft skin.
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Lightyear DLC Pack for Minecraft

Despite criticism for Pixar's first theatrical release since Onward, Lightyear was an ambitious origin story behind one of the most recognisable toys in the beloved Toy Story franchise. And people could play a variety of missions available in the DLC pack associated with the film's release and play as their favourite characters in their own space-themed levels.

Despite the disappointment that Sox the helpful robotic cat could not be playable, Buzz Lightyear in his iconic spacesuit was the next best thing. With a clear helmet and a variety of colours and materials to give the suit its faithful look, it's a polished and fun skin as players can jump and attack their way from level to level. The icing on the cake was seeing him with his smug smile, something that may be reminiscent of Toy Story, but was truly missed from the dramatic take on the character in his latest cinematic outing.


Buck Wild

Ice Age DLC Pack in Minecraft
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Ice Age DLC Pack in Minecraft

Fans of the beloved Ice Age franchise were in for a treat as they could explore the frozen prehistoric era with Sid, Manny, and Diego as they revisit the locations from each film. But with an expansive cast, they were far from the only playable skins for players to control.

Introduced in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, the fearless weasel was given a great amount of detail from his grizzled smile to the pixelated texture in his fur. The main stars who have appeared since the first film may have gotten plenty of love and attention, but Buck's use of weapons and platforming is an ideal fit for Minecraft.

These are just some of the best Minecraft skins in 2022. For more Minecraft content, look no further - we have everything you could ever need, from the best Minecraft weapon enchantments to the best Minecraft mods.

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