Best house ideas for Minecraft in 2023

Minecraft might be rapidly approaching its 12th birthday, but the game continues to be wildly popular with gamers of every age. The infinite sandbox nature of the title allows players to let their creativity run wild. Adding texture packs and Minecraft shaders to your version of Minecraft will make them look even better.

While you can spend your time adventuring and doing combat with mobs of all kinds, you can also peacefully build structures of any sort. Whichever playstyle you choose though, you will need a house. A base to store items, sleep, and of course weather any storms and protect you from enemies!

When it comes to building houses in Minecraft you have the ability to create any sort of structure you can think of. We’ve put together a few ideas that could spark something truly special though. Check them out!

Hobbit Hole

While you can’t make circular doors in Minecraft, as everything comes in cube blocks, you can still build your house into the side of a hill and create a cosy little Hobbit Hole!

Whether you are a fan of Lord of the Rings or just want a house that blends into its surroundings, the Hobbit Hole is a delightful house to build.

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Using relatively straightforward materials and a bit of creativity, you can have a house that not only transports you to Middle Earth but combines a mine entrance and garden to give you everything you need in one place!

With the right texture packs and Minecraft shaders you can even have a house that looks like those in the movies. BSL Shaders was used for this build.

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Survival base

If you are looking to be a bit more adventurous and play in Survival mode then you will need a lot more at your house than just a bed and some storage. Everything from fields for growing food to animal pens and exterior fences will be required.

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This multi-tiered house is more like a survival base. With stables, wheat fields, and a whole bank of furnaces & chests to give you enough provisions to survive. Food is especially vital in Survival Mode so the inclusion of a thorough farm that can keep you and plenty of friends going is great.

Faithful texture pack and Minecraft shaders will make the different logs and woods really pop, while giving some sway to the leaves and lighting. Speaking of lighting, don’t forget the torches and lamps. The last thing you want is for mobs to spawn inside your base!

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Underwater house

Minecraft has added plenty of new aquatic features over the years, and what better way to explore them than with a house beneath the waves! Building underwater comes with plenty of complications, but it is a fool-proof way to avoid Zombies, Creepers, and other dangerous mobs if you get it right.

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It’s also a totally gorgeous way to live as Minecraft shaders and improved texture packs can create waves that ripple and reflect the light, while the glass dome of your house blends beautifully into the dark and mysterious depths of your surroundings.

Like many of our examples, following a tutorial is a great way of getting the basic idea before adding your own spin and personality to the house. You should note though, that sponges are hard to find in Minecraft survival mode, requiring the exploration of a water monument and the slaying of the Elder Guardian. If that isn’t for you then you can get rid of the water inside your dome by placing blocks in every piece of available space and then removing them. It’s time consuming but totally worth it!

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Which of us didn’t want a tree house as a kid?! Well in Minecraft you can actually make one! There are plenty of ways to do this. You can build simple structures around existing trees, or by harvesting plenty of wood you can create your own giant tree house that truly towers over the landscape and gives you a spectacular view.

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The great thing about a tree house is you can use it as a refuge from the chaos of the ground and enjoy the nighttime while being away from the moaning and clanking of the mobs that spawn in the dark.

This is another house build that will benefit from Minecraft shaders and texture packs, as all the wood will look much more realistic and vibrant, while there is nothing like the rustle of leaves to make you feel at one with nature.

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