AK47 Warzone 2: Is it in the game?

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Image showing AK47 assault rifle in gold camouflage
Credit: Activision
Latest update - October 4, 2022

The best Warzone 2 AK47 loadout hasn't appeared yet but we expect it to dominate the early stages of the battle royale in a few weeks.

While we wait, find all there is to know about the Warzone 2 release date.

The assault rifle (AR) category is one of the most popular when it comes to the Call of Duty franchise. Often featuring a range of weaponry with numerous characteristics, they excel in mid-range engagements thanks to their impressive firepower. As attention begins to turn toward the launch of Warzone 2, some fans are beginning to wonder if the next chapter of the battle royale contains an iconic AR.

The AK47 often appears in Call of Duty games regardless of setting and with Warzone 2 heading back to the modern day, many are hoping the rifle does appear in the arsenal once again.

Before we reveal more about the best AK47 Warzone 2 loadout, be sure to check out our guides showcasing the best Warzone 2 guns that are likely to prove popular when the game launches.


What is the best AK47 Warzone 2 loadout?

At the time of writing (September 6, 2022), finding the best AK47 Warzone 2 loadout is impossible due to the game not releasing until the middle of November.

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Based on how the rifle performed in the first Warzone, a build minimising damage drop-off and recoil combined with some mobility improvements will work extremely well in mid-range and long-distance duels.

Once we've had a chance to master the rifle, we will update the guide with the best loadout to use.

Best AK47 Warzone 2 attachments

Thanks to an overhaul of the Gunsmith, there are even more ways to customise your weapons in Warzone 2. For example, a barrel that improves fire rate but increases recoil can receive adjustments for a maximum focus on fire rate but at the cost of recoil. For lower recoil, you can tweak the barrel for better control but the fire rate will slow down.

Once we've taken a look at all of the attachments available on the AK47, we will add a full attachment list along with some reasons behind our choices.

Image showing AK47 on black background
Credit: Activision

Is the AK47 in Warzone 2?

Although Infinity Ward hasn't shared the Warzone 2 arsenal, Modern Warfare 2 leaks have shown the AK47 does feature in the game which is good news for those wanting to use it in Warzone 2.

We expect the rifle to feature a moderate fire rate with a high damage output thanks to its powerful ammunition. With a scope and a stock to improve stability, the AK47 will contend with the very best Warzone 2 guns.


Warzone 2 reveal date

Information on Warzone 2 remains slim but thanks to the Call of Duty Next event right around the corner, more intel is on its way. Described as an "era-defining" event, Activision and Infinity Ward will share more on Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and the mobile version of Warzone in addition to Warzone 2.

Check out our Call of Duty Next hub for all the latest intel on the event.

Is the AK47 good in Warzone 2

We're unable to tell if the AK47 is worth using in Warzone 2 but if it's anything like the rifle from the first Warzone game, it will prove popular.

That's all there is to know about the best AK47 Warzone 2 loadout. For more guides, check out all there is to know about Warzone 2 ranked play.