Best Modern Warfare 2 AK-47 loadout 2022

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Image showing AK-47 assault rifle in Call of Duty
Credit: Activision
Latest Update: September 29, 2022 -

Although the Modern Warfare 2 beta hasn't featured the AK-47, there's a chance the rifle features in the full version of multiplayer.

Here's all the latest intel.

When it comes to looking at weapons that transcend a franchise, there are very few that have the same legacy as the AK-47 assault rifle. Since arriving in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the rifle has featured in numerous titles as a trusty weapon capable of making an impact in mid-range engagements.

As attention turns to the launch of Modern Warfare 2, a leak demonstrating new vehicle mechanics has also revealed the AK-47 is on its way into the arsenal once again.

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Is the AK-47 in Modern Warfare 2?

Yes! Thanks to a leak showing a player leaping from one vehicle to another, we know the rifle will appear in multiplayer and the campaign in some capacity. Although it's important to take leaks with a pinch of salt, it's hardly surprising to see the AK making its way back into the arsenal.


AK-47 Call of Duty history

The AK-47 first appeared in CoD4 and since then, it's appeared in nearly every single Modern Warfare and Black Ops title. Although it never sets the meta on fire, it's a solid rifle capable of making an impact in those competitive mid-range duels.

With a reworked Gunsmith arriving, there's a high chance players can transform the rifle to work in the vast majority of scenarios.

Image showing AK-47 on black background
Credit: Activision

Is the AK-47 in the Modern Warfare 2 beta?


The Modern Warfare 2 beta is right around the corner and considering the AK-47 is a Call of Duty mainstay, there's a high possibility of the rifle making an appearance over the two weekends. Typically, there are two or three ARs to use during a Call of Duty beta, giving players a chance to jump into the action for the very first time.

If the AK-47 doesn't appear in the beta, it's not long before the full version of the game makes its way onto the consoles and PCs of players. Will the AK become the meta in Modern Warfare 2? We will have to wait and see.

That's all we know about the AK-47 in Modern Warfare 2. Once the beta begins, be sure to check back to find the best AK-47 Modern Warfare 2 loadout to dominate the opposition. In the meantime, check out our guides highlighting the Modern Warfare 2 maps in addition to the Modern Warfare 2 perks featuring in multiplayer.