How to change costume in Bayonetta 3

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Bayonetta and Viola in Bayonetta 3

Learning to change costume in Bayonetta 3 is a great way to shake up what you see in the moment-to-moment gameplay. Luckily, you can unlock plenty of new outfits, changing how the Umbra Witch looks. This is how to do it, and everything we know about outfits so far.

In this Bayonetta 3 guide, we not only go over how to change clothes but also how to change your outfit. As you gradually unlock new apparel as you play, it's crucial to know how to equip new threads!

Luckily, there is tonnes of information out there on the game to sink your teeth into. You can read our Bayonetta 3 preview or review for our full thoughts on the game. We've also got guides on the game's multiplayer mode and PC release. If you want to know even more, here's how long Bayonetta 3 is.

How to change costume in Bayonetta 3

To change costumes in Bayonetta 3, you first have to beat the entire game. Doing so will give you access to the ability to change costumes. You will find a Costumes tab in the menu that appears when pressing - during gameplay. This tab allows you to change your costume and pick unique colours for Bayonetta's hair and clothes, too.

Though not a reason to replay the whole game in itself, it may add a little flair when you tackle the game on in its hardest mode. You don't have to complete any specific challenges or find any secrets to unlock these costumes, meaning everyone should be able to sample a new get-up.

The costume selection screen in Bayonetta 3, with Bayonetta wearing a pink outfit.
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How do I unlock new costumes in Bayonetta 3?

As you play through Bayonetta 3 and complete chapters, you'll gradually unlock access to a range of costumes as you go. However, simply unlocking them after level completion isn't the equivalent to owning them.

Once you've finished the main story mode, you'll get a message telling you that costumes can now be equipped. From here, you'll want to head to Rodin's Shop by pressing the - button on the Chapter Select menu.

The scroll down to the Rodin's Treasures Section. Here you'll see a range of Couleur Bullet items, which unlock new colour sets for you to use on Bayonetta. These cost 1,000 halos each, making them fairly hard to come by.


Also in the Treasures section you'll find a few t-shirts, which cost 2,490 each. They're all themed around the in-universe Torture Cats anime, and can be worn once purchased in future gameplay.

From there, you can chop and change costumes as much as you like. They may not have any impact on your stats - that's the realm of upgrading skills - but it'll help keep Bayonetta's appearance fresh.

That's it for our look at the Bayonetta 3 change costumes method! If you're looking to learn as much as you possibly can about the game, here's how to save in Bayonetta 3, and everything we know about Bayonetta 4 so far.

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