Is Atlas Fallen crossplay?

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Multiple characters fighting in Atlas Fallen
Credit: Deck13

If you've got friends playing on a different platform, you're probably wondering if Atlas Fallen has crossplay. This is a standard feature that we expect in the new game releases, however, as practice shows, even in 2023, not all games support it.

For quite a long time, the publisher did not provide information about whether Atlas Fallen will support crossplay, which stopped some players from pre ordering the game. Recently, some official news has appeared online, and below we will list it, as well as give some speculation on the topic.

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Does Atlas Fallen support crossplay?

On July 26, Focus Entertainment, the publisher of the game, tweeted out that crossplay is not available on Atlas Fallen.

Sadly, we don't think that this will change, so don't expect any form of crossplay to be shadow dropped before the release of the game. After all, there isn't much time left before the game's release. Of course, crossplay may be added in future updates, but there is no information about it yet.

In addition, local co-op with split screen will also be absent in the game. The developers explained this by saying that it would require a lot of resources, which would result in a decrease in graphics or frame rate.

The character is fighting with a monster in Atlas Fallen.
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Credit: Deck13

Is there cross progression in Atlas Fallen?

As for Atlas Fallen, there is no official confirmation yet on whether this feature will be available, but it is very useful, so we hope it will be added. It would certainly be handy for those planning on diving into Atlas Fallen on more than one platform, but given the state of crossplay, it seems unlikely.

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