How to retrieve combat logs in Armored Core 6

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armored core 6 combat log locations with mech aiming down at target

Loghunt is an interesting mechanic in Armored Core 6 that rewards you for exploration by finding combat logs. But how do you get them? You can obtain these battle logs in Armored Core 6 by defeating several enemies and bosses spread across different missions. So we're here to help you understand how to retrieve combat logs in Armored Core 6, plus the location of every battle log in the game.

Also, as you collect the combat logs, not only do you build up your battle accolades, but your Hunter rank in the Loghunt rises up. So this essentially gives you access to some of the coolest rewards in the game. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started!

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All Combat Logs locations in Armored Core 6

Firstly, since the battle logs are useful in unlocking some premium Armored Core 6 rewards, you want to collect as many as you can. So be sure to check out the complete list of combat logs you can acquire in each chapter below.

Chapter 1

The location of each combat log in Chapter 1 is given below:

Mission: Destroy Transport Helicopters

  • Silver: Defeat the Tetrapod at the end of the mission.

Mission: Destroy the Tester AC

  • Silver: Defeat the primary mission target.

Mission: Attack the Dam Complex

  • Silver: Defeat the quadrupedal target near the frozen lake after the second objective.
  • Gold: Fight the aggressive mech right before the final objective.

Mission: Climb the Wall

  • Bronze: Be sure to defeat the 3 unnamed MTs to the left when heading towards the wall.

Mission: Retrieve Combat Logs

  • Gold: Fight the AC that attacks you at the end of the mission.

Mission: Attack the Watchpoint

  • Gold: Defeat the mid-level boss, Sulla.

Chapter 2

Secondly, Chapter 2 battle logs consist of the following:

Mission: Infiltrate Grid 086

  • Silver: Main objective name Invincible Rummy drops one.
  • Silver: Defeat the two Tetrapods after completing the last objective above the next area.
  • Bronze: Defeat two more MTs to the left of the rail line.
  • Gold: Near the molten furnace, enter the pipe to drop down into an area with an AC.
  • Bronze: Defeat 3 MTs to the right of the furnace room exit.

Mission: Ocean Crossing

  • Bronze: Be sure to defeat two flying drones after dropping down to the bridge near the laser platform.
  • Bronze: Drop further down and defeat two more drones.

Chapter 3

Additionally, be sure to check out the list and location of all the Chapter 3 combat logs here.

Mission: Steal the Survey Data

  • Silver: Head in the opposite direction from where you start to find a Tetrapod between the 2nd and 3rd furthest logs.

Mission: Attack the Refueling Base

  • Bronze: Defeat the laser enemy under the bridge.
  • Bronze: Defeat a second laser enemy far side of the bridge inside the valley.

Mission: Eliminate V.VII

  • Silver: A Tetrapod on the ground level near the objective drops it.
  • Gold: Defeat Swinburne, the mission’s objective.
  • Gold: Let Swinburne retreat during the fight and defeat the AC Rokumonsen.

Mission: Tunnel Sabotage

  • Bronze: Fight the laser enemy inside the left room after receiving the PCA comms.

Mission: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City

  • Silver: Head forward from the second fog control device and be sure to destroy the turret on the ground.

Mission: Attack the Old Spaceport

  • Silver: Defeat the shielded enemy outside the hanger.
  • Silver: Destroy two LCs in the fuel storage area.

Mission: Eliminate “Honest” Brute

  • Bronze: A rolling enemy to the right of the central pillar underneath the laser platform drops it.
  • Bronze: Defeat two more rolling enemies on the next platform.
  • Silver: Head further to the train turntable and defeat the Tetrapod there.
  • Bronze: Fight another rolling enemy inside the shield at the last platform.
  • Platinum: Defeat the Honest Brute.

Mission: Defend the Old Spaceport

  • Platinum: Defeat Raven, the main target.

Chapter 4

All the battle logs in Chapter 4 are given below:

Mission: Underground Exploration - Depth 2

  • Gold: Defeat the mid-level boss, Iguazu.
  • Bronze: Head right to the room after you see two blue laser enemies to get two more logs.

Mission: Underground Exploration - Depth 3

  • Silver: Fight the enemies on the rooftop with blue lasers for four silver logs.
  • Gold: Defeat the objective, Ayre.

Mission: Intercept the Red Guns

  • Platinum: Dropped by the main target, G1 Michigan.

Mission: Ambush the Vespers

  • Gold: Defeat the main objective, DUAL NATURE.
  • Gold: Defeat the main objective, RECONFIG.

Mission: Unknown Territory Survey

  • Platinum: Defeat Rusty, the main objective.
  • Gold: During the boss fight, it is dropped by TSUBASA / Middle Flatwell.

Mission: Reach the Coral Convergence

  • Gold: At the mission start, fight two ACs.
  • Bronze: Fight a rolling enemy after defeating the ACs.

Chapter 5

All the chapter 5 logs are obtained by defeating some of the main bosses.

Mission: Intercept the Corporate Forces

  • Platinum: Defeat V.I Freud, the main target.

Mission: Eliminate "Cinder" Carla

  • Platinum: Defeat V.II Snail.
  • Platinum: Defeat FULL COURSE/Cinder Carla.
  • Gold: Defeat CIRUS/Chatty Stick.

New Game Plus combat logs

After finishing Armored Core 6, you can enter the New Game Plus mode. This contains some more combat logs that were skipped in your first playthrough due to story choices. However, these logs can only be acquired by making different choices than the ones you made previously. Some examples of those battle logs are given below.


NG+ Mission: Attack the Dam Complex

  • Gold: Fight against your allies during this mission and defeat CANNON HEAD / G4 Volta.

NG+ Mission: Safeguard the Dam Complex

  • Platinum: Defeat UMBER OX.
  • Platinum: Defeat ASTER CROWN.

New Game ++ combat logs

Additionally, for the exclusive NG++ missions, some of the battle logs are given below.

NG++ Mission: Prisoner Rescue

  • Platinum: Defeat the mid-level boss DEEP DOWN / G2 Nile.

NG++ Mission: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City

  • Platinum: Defeat the main boss, ABSTGHIK / Thumb Dolmayan.

NG++ Mission: Underground Exploration – Depth 2

  • Platinum: The mid-level boss, DEADSLED, drops it.

NG++ Mission: Eliminate V.III

  • Platinum: Defeated the main boss, V.III

Loghunt tier rewards

Finally, let’s take a look at what rewards you can obtain by getting the combat logs and also levelling up your Loghunt rank.

Tier Reward
104-101 MIND ALPHA
244-141 JVLN ALPHA
306-041 MIND ALPHA
445-091 JVLN BETA
507-061 MIND ALPHA
644-143 HMMR
706-042 MIND BETA
8IB-C03G: NGI 000
945-091 ORBT
1020-081 MIND ALPHA
11IB-C03F: WLT 001
1244-142 KRSV
13IB-C03B: NGI 001
1420-082 MIND BETA
15IB-C03W2: WLT 101

So there you have it, that concludes our guide on how to retrieve combat logs and all combat log locations and rewards in Armored Core 6. Be sure to check out our other handy Armored Core 6 guides, such as how to download decals.

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