How to fix Apex Legends error code 110

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Screenshot of Apex Legends player holding Nemesis Burst AR
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Wondering how to fix Apex Legends error code 110? You've come to the right place! Respawn Entertainment's battle royale is about to start Season 17 but before you drop into the action, there's a chance you'll encounter this particular error.

Error code 110 continues to cause chaos for those wanting to play ahead of the arrival of weapon mastery and Ballistic as the latest Legend that could spice up the meta.

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What is Apex Legends error code 110?

Error code 110 typically appears when the Apex Legends servers are experiencing issues. The code appears when attempting to log into your account. Although the option to log in remains, you won't make it into the main menu. So, how exactly do you fix it?

How to fix Apex Legends error code 110

Despite Respawn Entertainment not providing an official fix for error code 110, there are several workarounds you can use in order to get back into the game. Here are a few solutions to try.

Screenshot of Apex Legends player wearing helmet
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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Multiple log-in attempts

Several players have reported trying to log in several times eventually causing error code 110 to disappear completely. Simply enter your details over and over until you make it through. If that doesn't work, there are some alternative methods.

A router reset

Sometimes, resetting your router works even though error code 110 usually appears when there are issues with the EA servers. To perform a router reset, press the small reset button usually on the back of the router, wait a few minutes, and attempt to log in again.


If these solutions don't work, you'll have to wait until Respawn Entertainment provides an update. Thankfully, the EA servers are functioning so error 110 won't appear anytime soon.

There you have it, that's how to fix Apex Legends error code 110. For more, check out our Apex Legends page for all the latest news, leaks, and guides.

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