Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance: All Status Effects and Conditions

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Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance has no shortage of status effects and conditions that can be inflicted on you or your enemies, but doesn’t explain what any of them are. We’ll explain all the status effects and conditions that we know about so far below, with updates as we find out more.

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All Status Effects and Conditions in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

Below we’ve listed all the status effects and conditions in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance and that have been discovered so far, so that you know what your weapons and abilities are doing when you inflict them on enemies. There are some gaps - everybody’s still trying to work out what the Charmed condition does, for example - but we’ll update this page as soon as we find out.

Status Effects and Conditions Full List

Status Effect/Condition Effect on Player/NPC
Acid DamageInflicts damage over time.
Acid ImmunityPrevents damage from acid attacks and the Acid Damage Status Effect.
Acid ResistanceDamage from Acid attacks is reduced.
BleedingInflicts damage over time.
BlindedAll attacks made miss.
BurningInflicts damage over time.
CharmedUnknown at time of writing
Cold DamageInflicts damage over time and can inflict the Frozen Status Effect..
Cold ImmunityPrevents damage from Cold attacks and the Cold Damage Status Effect.
Cold ResistanceDamage from Cold attacks is reduced.
ConcentrationUnknown at time of writing.
ConfusedCharacters move in random directions.
CorruptedUnknown at time of writing.
CursedIncreases all damage taken.
Elemental ResistanceReduces all damage from Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning and Necrotic attacks.
EtherealA form of invisibility that ends if the player takes damage or deals it.
ExhaustedCharacter has no stamina and cannot move until it replenishes.
FatiguedSlower attack animations.
Fire DamageDeals extra damage and has a chance to inflict the Burning condition.
Fire ImmunityPrevents damage from Fire attacks and the Burning Status Effect.
Fire ResistanceDamage from Fire attacks is reduced.
FrenzyBoosts all damage inflicted on others.
FrightenedAppears to cause enemies either to flee or inflict less damage.
FrozenInflicted character is temporarily unable to move.
GrappledUnable to move for a brief duration.
HexedCharacter appears to take more damage from whatever character inflicted the Hexed condition.
InvisibilityOther characters cannot see the affected character and will not attack them.
InvulnerablePrevents any kind of damage.
Legendary ResistanceDamage from Legendary attacks or sources is reduced.
Lightning DamageDeals extra damage.
Lightning ImmunityPrevents damage from Lightning attacks.
Lightning ResistanceDamage from Lightning attacks is reduced.
Necrotic DamageDeals extra damage.
Necrotic ImmunityPrevents damage from Necrotic attacks.
Necrotic ResistanceDamage from Necrotic attacks is reduced.
Physical ResistanceDamage from standard melee or weapon attacks is reduced.
PoisonedInflicts damage over time.
Powerful StrikesUncertain, but appears to boost damage of Fierce Attacks.
Precision StrikesIncreases critical chance on attacks.
Primal InstinctIncreases damage and armour relative to health lost.
Reckless AttackIncreases chance to hit opponents while making it easier for opponents to hit you.
RegenerationRegain health over time.
SappedUnknown at time of writing.
ShieldedAdds a secondary health bar that is reduced in place of the standard one. Disappears when fully depleted.
SilencedUnknown at time of writing.
SlowedReduces movement speed.
StalwartUnknown at time of writing.
TauntedAffected character can only attack the source of the taunt.
ThornsEnemies who inflict melee damage on the affected character take damage.
UnstoppablePrevents the player from being stunned or knocked over.
VampiricDamage inflicted on enemies restores health.
WarmthAn environmental effect that reduces Cold damage.
WeakenedUnknown at time of writing.

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