Guardians of the Galaxy: What Is New Game Plus and What Carries Over to It?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy takes you through an epic journey across the Galaxy where you will come up against multiple enemies and meet new allies along the way. Once you complete the game, you can replay the whole story again with a new option. We're here to answer two important questions - what is new game plus and what carries over to it? Also, we show you how to unlock it.

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What Is New Game Plus and What Carries Over to It?

New Game Plus is another option that you can choose when you start a brand new game. It provides different features to choosing "New Game" as it will carry some things over from your completed game that can alter your game experience. These are the things that will be carried over into new game plus:

  • Any collectibles you have found
  • All of the outfits you have found
  • All of the abilities/skills that you have unlocked for all Guardians
  • Any information that you have gathered in your Galactic Compendium
  • Components - you can collect more components and get better perks for Peter if you didn't have enough the first time you played.

However, you will not be able to carry over is the elemental evolutions for Star-Lord's Blasters. You will still need to acquire these through playing the game. Also, the entries into Star-Lord's journal will be reset.

How To Unlock New Game Plus

To unlock new game plus you will need to complete the game story at least once and have it saved in one of the save game slots. Once you have completed the game, you will see the option for "New Game Plus" appear on the main menu screen:

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy New Game Plus main menu
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New Game Plus will only appear after you complete the game once!

Click on this and it will take you to your existing save games slots. You will only be able to have a New Game Plus game in the slot where your completed game is saved. This does mean that you will lose your existing save file for the completed game.

If you're enjoying Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, we have guides on how to craft perks which can help you along your journey. Also, if you're interested in streaming the game then we have a guide that shows you how to turn off licensed music to avoid any issues.

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