Guardians of the Galaxy: How To Beat Magus

Magus has caused a lot of problems in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, so defeating him will take all of the skills that you have learned and it will need all of the Guardians to work together. We show you how to beat Magus and ultimately save the universe!

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How To Beat Magus

To beat Magus, you will need to do what The Guardians of the Galaxy do best and aggravate him to the point he comes after you. The final battle with Magus will happen in 3 stages. We recommend buying all of the character skills that you can before entering this fight and crafting as many perks for Peter as possible.

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Part One: Kneel

The first choice you should make when talking to Magus is the "Kneel" option. It will still lead to a fight but it will stop him from throwing a whole planet at you. If you choose the kneel options, Magus will launch shadow creatures onto the battlefield and you will need to fight these off.

There will be many of them to fight at once, therefore using the Guardians alongside your Blasters is the best way to defeat them. Also, the elemental ice ability and electricity ability are the best ones to use as they are good for crowd control. If you're grabbed by one of the creatures, hit the prompted control repeatedly to break free. You need to make sure you survive this wave of enemies or the fight will start again.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord fighting off shadow creature final battle
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Magus will also launch bombs at you. Keep an eye out for the red impact zone indicators appearing on the ground and make sure you're not standing in them. If you are, you'll be hit by the bombs and lose a lot of your health.

Once you have defeated this wave of enemies, another cut-scene will begin and this is the sign that the battle is moving into part two.

Part Two: Badger Him

You should choose the "badger him" option when speaking to Magus this time. Yes, he will throw a huge planet at you this time and you will need to run straight for Nikki's shield to avoid being killed by it.

After you survive the planet being thrown at you, Magus will launch more shadow creatures at you and you need to fight them off as you did before.

If you survive this wave of enemies, the battle will enter its final phase.

Part 3: Provoke The Magus

You need to choose the "Provoke the Magus" option this time and this will finally annoy him enough to get him to charge at you. To beat Magus you need to pass the stone from Guardian to Guardian to get it to Star-Lord. Each time the stone passes to a Guardian, a command prompt will appear and you need to hit the command as soon as the indicator reaches the highlighted area. Do this for all of the characters successfully and Star-Lord will get the stone.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord vs Magus
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Once Star-Lord has the stone, another command prompt will appear and you need to mash this button as fast as you can to beat Magus. Once the screen fades out, another cut-scene will ensue and you will have defeated The Magus.

Sit back and relax whilst basking in the glow of your victory. You saved the Galaxy! However, you still didn't get paid.

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