Guardians of the Galaxy: How To Beat Grand Unifier Raker

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At the end of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, you get another chance to face off against Grand Unifier Raker after your earlier failed attempt. This is your chance to take him down and save the Galaxy from his ambition. However, he does put up a good fight so we're going to show you how to beat Grand Unifier Raker.

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How To Beat Grand Unifier Raker

To beat Grand Unifier Raker you need to survive all of his repetitive attacks whilst following a few steps to lower his health. This is where one of the choices you make early in the game will have a consequence. If you trusted Gamora to go after him on her own, she will have returned to The Milano with one of his arms. This will have weakened Raker which will make the final battle slightly easier.

Step One: Take Out His Friends

At the very beginning of the battle, Raker will be accompanied by three Faith worshippers and you need to take these out first. The easiest way to destroy them is to use the elemental electricity attack from your blasters to fill up their stagger meter. Once their stagger meter is full, use all of the Guardians to attack them while you shoot them.

Once you have dealt with them, it will jump to a cut-scene where Raker will charge his powers using pure Faith energy. This is the sign that you're about to enter the final battle with him.

Step Two: Wear His Shield Down and Damage His Health

Throughout the battle, the Grand Unifier will have a golden shield of faith energy around him. While he has this shield, he will take no damage from you at all so you must wear this down first.

In the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will see that Raker's health bar is gold and this is his shield. You need to repeatedly attack him to wear his shield bar down. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get Groot to tangle him up in his vines and combine all of the other Guardian's purple abilities while you shoot him.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord shooting Grand Unifier Raker
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Once you've worn his shield down, you need to attack him as much as you can while you can. After a while, Raker will regenerate his shield and you will need to repeat this step again to wear his health down.

Step Three: Avoid His Attacks

Raker's attacks are powerful so you need to be careful. When he launches his mine attacks they will come directly for you in a straight line but you can avoid them if you find the gap between them. Raker will also try to trap you in a Faith trap but all you need to do to escape this is to double jump over the top of it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Grand Unifier Raker Faith Trap
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The traps will drain your health, so you need to escape quickly!

During the battle, he will rain down shards of Faith energy across most of the battlefield and if you get hit by these they will remove nearly all of your health. Keep an eye out for the impact indicators on the ground when he launches his attack and make sure you're not standing in them.

Another attack that Raker does is that he will charge into you and his Faith shield will damage you if he hits you.

Step Four: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Each time you cause a significant amount of damage to Raker, he will plunge the battlefield into darkness which can be problematic. When you're in the darkness it will be hard to avoid his attacks but if you watch for the impact indicator symbol, it should appear to be floating and this is Raker. You can aim for this and keep shooting at him. If he uses his mine attack, you will be able to see these still and you can easily dodge out of the way.

Step Five: Repeat Step Two as Needed

You need to repeat step two to be able to damage Raker again. Unless you destroy his shield, you will not be able to hurt him and wear his health down enough to defeat him. The Grand Unifier has 3 lives which means you will need to wear his health bar down 3 times in order to defeat him.


Step Six: Desperation Before Defeat

The Grand Unifier will become desperate in his attacks when you're close to defeating him. He will plunge you into darkness more frequently and he will do his charge attacks more too. All of his attacks will become more frequent and powerful. If you use Peter's dash ability, you will be able to swiftly move out of the way of most of the attacks at the last minute.

Once you've worn down his health enough, a command prompt will appear above his head and all you need to do is follow what it's telling you to do quickly. If you're successful, you will have defeated Grand Unifier Raker.

Grand Unifier Raker definitely caused a lot of chaos in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and defeating him means you're near the end of the game. If you're close to finishing and want to play it all again, check out our New Game Plus guide. Also, we have a guide on the best perks for Star-Lord if you still have some left to invest in.

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