Guardians of the Galaxy: How To Defeat the Dweller-in-Darkness

Whether you choose to sell Groot or Rocket, you will still somehow manage to end up feeling Lady Hellbender's wrath in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. As the Monster Queen of Seknarf Nine, it's no surprise that she launches one of her most fearsome beasts onto you when you annoy her. We're going to show you how to defeat the Dweller-In-Darkness!

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How To Beat the Dweller-in-Darkness

To beat the Dweller-In-Darkness you will need to fill up its stagger meter then remove its tentacled arms one by one. Each time you remove a tentacle, the battle alters slightly and the best thing to do throughout is to use your Guardians.

Part One

With all of its tentacle attacks, it will slam it down onto the ledge where you're all standing and it will remain there for a brief period of time. This is your best chance to use the other Guardians to inflict a lot of damage. You can shoot the tentacle when it's on the ground and when it has been retracted to the Dweller. To avoid being hit by the tentacles, keep an eye out for the red impact zone indicators that appear on the ground. They will show you where the tentacle will land and if you're outside of this zone, you will not receive any damage.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord shooting Dweller tentacle
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The weird tentacles across Seknarf Nine belonged to this creature!

Each attack against the Dweller will fill up its stagger gauge. When the gauge is full, the Dweller will temporarily be weakened and fall to the ground near you all. This is when you need to focus all of your attacks on one tentacle. Eventually, a command prompt will appear and you need to follow this prompt quickly. If you're successful, one of the Guardians will remove the tentacle.

After you remove the first tentacle, the Dweller's attacks will become more frequent but you need to follow the same steps as before. Attack it to fill up the stagger gauge, when the gauge is full it will come to the ground and you need to focus your attacks on a single tentacle. The command prompt will appear and you need to follow this quickly which will result in a Guardian cutting off another tentacle.

When the Dweller has two tentacles left, the battle starts to change.

Part Two

The Dweller will now start to spit out the jelly enemies you encountered earlier. When it has three tentacles left it will not spit out too many so they're easy to take care of. You should ideally shoot these enemies before they grow their jelly exterior or they will become harder to kill.

Guardians of the Galaxy Dweller battle Peter shooting Jelly enemies
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Pew pew pew!

The important thing is to focus your attacks on the Dweller still, without incurring harm from the jelly enemies. When the stagger gauge is full, the Dweller will fall towards the ground again and you need to focus your attacks on a single tentacle once more. However, it will eventually pull back its tentacle and place it into one of the holes in the wall. When it does this, a command prompt should appear and you need to follow it quickly again. If you succeed, a Guardian will quickly remove the tentacle.

When the Dweller has one tentacle left, it gets a little bit more than angry. It will fire out a lot more of the small jelly enemies and you will need to fight off more of them than before. However, you still need to keep your focus on taking down the Dweller or the battle will go on for a long time. After you attack the Dweller enough to fill up its stagger gauge again, it will fall to the ground and you need to follow the exact same steps as before to remove its final tentacle.

When it has no tentacles left, the battle will enter its final stage.

Final Fight

The Dweller will no longer have tentacles but it will launch a lot of the jelly enemies out at you. Alongside the Guardians, you need to fight these off and stay alive. If you survive for long enough, the Dweller will launch a bomb out of its head at you which will stick into the ground if it doesn't hit you. To avoid being hit by the bomb, watch for the impact zone indicator and make sure you're not near it.

When the bomb is in the ground, a command prompt will appear and you must follow this. If you do, Drax will throw the bomb back at Dweller and it will partially fill up its stagger gauge. You need to repeat these steps until the stagger gauge is full.

Once it is full, it will cut to a cinematic where Gamora will slice into Dweller which will signal that you have defeated it.

There are many foes for you to face off against in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. If you're just starting the game we have some helpful beginner's tips. Also, have a guide on all character skills and how to get new skills that can help you to have easier battles as the game progresses.

Updated January 17th, 2022.

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