Guardians of the Galaxy: What Happens if You Free the Prisoner in Chapter 5?

In Chapter 5 of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, you will find yourself exploring an eerily quiet Nova Station called The Rock. Here, a dark plot will start to make itself apparent and you will also find a Terran Prisoner stuck in one of the cells. We're going to answer an interesting question - what happens if you free the prisoner?

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What Happens if You Free the Prisoner?

If you free the prisoner that you find in Chapter 5, you will end up causing a slight chain of misfortune for the criminal. Ultimately, you will end up accidentally ejecting him into space outside The Rock.

The choice you make here has no implication on the story further down the line.

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How To Find the Prisoner

If you want to free the Prisoner you need to head to the room in Chapter 5 with the police line-up at the back of it.

Guardians of the Galaxy The Rock prisoner line-up room
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When you're here, you need to exit the room the way that you entered it until you reach the hall again. From here, head to your left, and there should be another door that you can walk through. Head through the door and you should reach the room where the prisoner is.

How To Free the Prisoner

To free the prisoner, you will need to head towards his cell and speak to him. The first time you talk to him, you will be given a conversational choice and you can choose which one you like. Your choice will not matter.

After he has responded to you, he should mention that the way out of the cell is a button and you will then be able to interact with the panel on the left-hand side of the cell. If you want to set him free, click on this.

Unfortunately, this is where the problems begin and the prisoner will disappear through the floor. You should head back into the line-up room and you will briefly see that the prisoner is in the line-up before disappearing through the floor again.

You will not see him again until later in the chapter when his cell can be seen floating around in space.

Who Is the Prisoner?

The prisoner is a smaller Marvel character called Jack Flag, real name Jack Harrison. In the history of Marvel outside of the game, Flag fought alongside Captain America and was once a Guardian himself which explains his cameo in the game.

Guardians of the Galaxy The Rock Prisoner Jack Flag
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If you head to the main console in front of the line-up and interact with it, you will find out why Flag had been arrested by Nova Corps.

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