How to Get the Final Mission in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

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One of the most iconic missions in GTA Vice City is when Tommy Vercetti has to hold off a large wave of enemies trying to kill him.
Credit: Rockstar Games
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GTA Vice City does have a lot of interesting missions in store for everyone who dives into the depths of the game. The final mission, however, is the most interesting of them all.

The mission is called "Keep your friends close.." and is filled with easter eggs. From Godfather to Scarface to Casablanca, this mission has way too many movie references littered through it.


Anyway, here's how you get the final mission in GTA Vice City.

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How to get the final mission in GTA Vice City

Since most missions are milestones in this game, there are a few requirements you need to meet in order to get to this mission in the first place.

You don't really need to worry about too many side missions. However, the ones that Colonel Cortez offers, yeah completing those is a must.

Other than that, if you've been playing GTA Vice City for a while, you will be aware of the fact that there are several properties that you can purchase throughout the city.


Truth be told, there are eight properties that you can purchase and they are as follows:

  • Boatyard
  • Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
  • InterGlobal Studios
  • Kaufman Cabs
  • Malibu Club
  • Pole Position Club
  • Print Works
  • Sunshine Autos

Out of these eight properties, you will have to have purchased any six including the Print Works and Malibu Club. Interestingly enough, all these properties together cost around $400,000.

Despite the price tag, they do generate a passive income for you as well. There are a few other ways in which you can make money too.

The easiest way is to keep robbing banks (unlocked after The Job mission) and by running over parking meters on the streets.

Once you've purchased them, complete their respective mission branches. Do remember to complete the mission branches offered by Malibu Club and Print Works because they're mandatory.


Unless you've completed those two mission branches, the final mission won't be unlocked.

After you've done everything mentioned above, you will receive a call from Lance Vance. Take that call and make your way to Vercetti Estate.

But before you go there, don't forget to stock up on ammo, weapons and armor. Here are a few cheats that could help you with it.

Once you've done all that, be ready for the longest gunfight of your life in GTA Vice City.

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