How To Complete Sweet’s Girl Mission in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

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The Sweet's Girl mission is definitely one of the most difficult in GTA San Andreas and might require a few tries to complete. CJ's quest to help Sweet escape the Seville'hood gang requires a lot of patience and quick reactions.

However, in order to pull off this mission successfully, players need to ensure that they follow all the steps correctly as even a slight mistake can result in CJ's immediate death.


Having said that, let's dive in and check out how to complete the Sweet's Girl mission in GTA San Andreas.

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Sweet's Girl Mission

In order to begin the Sweet's Girl Mission, the player will need to visit Sweet's house. However, upon entering, the player will realise that the entire house is empty. Following this, CJ will head outside the house and receive a call from Sweet.

Sweet informs CJ that he is in Seville'hood and needs a ride home to get away from the local gang. At this point, the player needs to get inside a car and head over to the marked location on the map. In case they do not have a firearm available with them, the player is advised to make a stop to purchase a gun from Emmet.

After securing a weapon, the player needs to head over to the marked location. However, any mistake from this point onward can be fatal for CJ.

Having said that, players are highly advised to not park their vehicle in front of Sweet's Girl's house. Instead, they are recommended to park their vehicles on the other side of the street. This will allow players to use the low walls separating the roads as a protective layer from the Seville'Hood gang.


Once the player manages to eliminate all of the gang members present in the vicinity, CJ will receive a call from Sweet. The NPC will ask CJ to get a car and players are advised to find an undamaged vehicle for this purpose. They can even choose to hijack a new car if necessary.

After returning with the car, CJ and Sweet will be followed by Seville'Hood gang members on their drive back to Grove Street. However, Sweet alone can take care of the pursuing NPCs while the player focuses on making the drive back to Grove Street.

Dropping Sweet at his house will finish the Sweet's Girl mission and reward the player with Respect Points in GTA San Andreas.

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