How To Lose Muscle Fast in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

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GTA: San Andreas' Definitive Edition is scheduled to release soon and there are quite a few factors that players are looking to revise before it does. One such factor is how to lose CJ's muscle to make him more agile.

However, losing CJ's muscles can be quite time-consuming and boring if the player is unaware of the mechanics involved. No need to worry as we have you covered with this guide that will allow you to understand the entire process and ultimately help you lose muscle in GTA: San Andreas.

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How To Lose Muscle in GTA San Andreas

The development of muscles and fat in CJ's physique depends on a variety of factors. These factors include:

  • Working Out
  • Consuming Food
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Performing any kind of physical action

Having said that, the mechanic of GTA: San Andreas for muscles and fat states that a player will only start losing their muscles after they have run out of fat. However, there is no distinction in the process of losing fat and muscles.

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With that in mind, the best possible scenario for CJ to lose his fat and muscles in GTA: San Andreas involves the following guidelines:

  • Avoid food consumption of any kind
  • Perform physical activites such as walking or swimming
  • Avoid travelling on vehicles of any kind and stick to walking or sprinting across lcoations.

Following these steps should allow the player to lose all of CJ's muscles(Considering CJ's muscles are fully developed and trained) in a matter of 1-2 in-game days (Around 90-100 minutes in the real world).

It's also very important if you want to go on a date with Helena Wankstein, who will only go out with you if you have between 15% and 20% muscle. It's a lot of work, but if you succeed you'll get access to her tool shed, including her Bandito car, and rural clothes.


With The Definitive Edition Trilogy releasing soon, make sure to follow us for more such guides on GTA: San Andreas.

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