How To Get Keycard From Millie in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

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Credit: Image via Rockstar Games
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Millie Perkins is a supporting NPC in GTA: San Andreas who is also one of the six potential girlfriends of CJ. However, Millie has an even more important role in the storyline as she carries the keycard that CJ requires to execute the heist at Caligula's Palace along with Woozie.

Having said that, CJ has two possible options when it comes to collecting the respective keycard from Millie. CJ can either kill Millie on their first date and steal the keycard from her house or he can go on various dates with the NPC before finally getting access to the keycard voluntarily.


Keep reading to find out how to collect the Keycard from Millie Perkins in GTA: San Andreas.

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Kill Millie on the First Date

This is the quickest method to gain Millie's keycard in GTA: San Andreas. However, pursuing this method also means that CJ cannot date Millie any further once the heist is complete. Having said that, players are advised to take a moment to think about their decision as well as its consequences.

In order to pursue this method, the player will need to head over to Millie's house. Once they have reached the location, the player will need to stand outisde Millie's gate and wait for her to come out and greet CJ.

At this point, the player can simply kill Millie with a gun. Following the assassination, CJ will receive a call from Woozie advising him to enter Millie's house and retrieve the keycard. Following the call, the player needs to enter Millie's house and collect the keycard available in the middle of the room.


However, if the player decides that they do not wish to kill Millie and would rather prefer to date her, here's a guide on what they need to do.

Date Millie To Retrieve The Keycard

In order to receive the keycard voluntarily from Millie, CJ will need to go on multiple dates with the NPC. Once the relationship quotient between CJ and Millie reaches 35%, the keycard becomes retrievable for the player.

However, increasing the relationship quotient between the two can be a fairly tricky task. The entire process can involve multiple tasks such as Food Date, Dancing Date, Special Date, and Coffee. Among all of these tasks, the Special Date task which involve CJ wearing a gimp suit grants up to 10% towards the relationship.


Once CJ and Millie's relationship quotient reaches 35%, Millie will call CJ after a date and grant him permission to go inside her house and retrieve the keycard. Pursuing this method instead of killing Millie will also allow the player to continue dating the NPC even after the heist with Woozie has been completed.

With The Definitive Edition Trilogy releasing soon, make sure to follow us for more such guides on GTA: San Andreas.

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