How to Fly the Hydra Jet in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Credit: Image via Rockstar Games

Credit: Image via Rockstar Games

The Hydra is an iconic jet aircraft in GTA: San Andreas that features Vertical Take-Off and Landing on top of the ability to hover like a helicopter. Apart from that, the Hydra is also equipped with two locking missiles that can be fired to deal massive damage to target.

However, finding a Hydra aircraft in GTA: San Andreas can be fairly difficult if the player is unaware of its spawn locations. Fortunately, this extensive guide will provide all the information you need to not only find a Hydra aircraft but also to fly it optimally.

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Where to find the Hydra?

There are four possible locations on the map where a player can find the Hydra aircraft. However, each of these locations are only unlocked after completing a certain stage of the main storyline. Here's a list of all the locations along with the stage at which they are unlocked in GTA: San Andreas,

  • Eastern Basin Naval Station - Available after completing the Vertical Bird mission.
  • In the hangar furthest from the Abandoned Tower at Verdant Meadows - Available after completing the Vertical Bird mission.
  • Ganton on Sweet's House rooftop - Available after completing 100% of GTA: San Andreas.
  • Area 69 - Available after completing the Vertical Bird mission but one of the most dangerous locations to visit for CJ.

However, locating a Hydra aircraft is just the beginning as flying the jet is an even trickier task. Keep reading for a detailed guide on flying the Hydra in GTA: San Andreas.

How to fly the Hydra

Once the player has found a Hydra aircraft in GTA; San Andreas, they will need to enter the jet by pressing the respective hotkey (Default: Enter/F for PC and Triangle/Y for Consoles). After the player is inside the aircraft, they can freely fly the Hydra to any location they desire.

However, the list of actions available for players is different on consoles and PCs. Here's a list of distinguished actions along with their default hotkeys for both PC and Consoles.

PC Controls:

  • Put Thrusters into regular flying mode - Keypad 8
  • Put Thrusters into Hover mode - Keypad 2
  • Fly Forward - W
  • Slow down the speed of the aircraft - S
  • Rotate Left/Right - Q/E respectively
  • Roll Left/Right - A/D respectively
  • Control Pitch - Up/Down Arrows
  • Retract or extend Landing Gear - + on the Keypad or 2 on the number board above the alphabets
  • Locking On Targets - Spacebar
  • Firing Machine Gun - Left Alt key
  • Firing Missiles - Left Ctrl key

Console Controls

  • Ascend the Hydra into the air - Press and Hold X/A depending on the layout of your controller.
  • Controlling the Hydra's movement - Left Analog Stick
  • Flying Forward - Press R3 to retract the wheels and move the Right Analog Stick forward.
  • Shooting Targets - R1/RT to lock on targets and then shoot using the alternate fire hotkey.

Combining these hotkeys to execute a perfect flight can take some practice for players who try the Hydra for the first time in GTA: San Andreas.

Nevertheless, a few hours of flying the Hydra will definitely allow the player to feel more comfortable in operating the iconic aircraft. Additionally, with The Definitive Edition - Trilogy releasing soon, this is an ideal excuse for GTA fans to relive their memories from the original San Andreas title.

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