How To Lose Wanted Level in GTA 3 Definitive Edition

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Since the game's release back in 2002, GTA 3 has been one of the most iconic games from the franchise. Set in the fictional Liberty City, GTA 3 follows the story of Claude, a silent protagonist.

Having said that, there's a feature in all GTA games that grants the main character a Wanted Level based on their notorious activities in the virtual domain. A higher Wanted Level simply means a lot of police cars chasing after the player's character.

However, there are a few tricks that can be used to lower the player's Wanted Level in GTA. Before heading into these tricks, readers are advised to note that the following tricks are only applicable for GTA 3.

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How To Reduce Wanted Level In GTA 3

While later games such as Vice City and San Andreas featured various methods to reduce the player's Wanted Level, there are only two efficient methods for the same in GTA 3.

Nevertheless, out of these two efficient methods, one is only applicable when the player has a Wanted Level of 2 or lower. This method requires the player to simply head into a dark and unused alley to cool off for a short while.

Apart from that, if a player finds themselves with a fairly high Wanted Level, they will need to collect Police Bribes. A Police Bribe is a special pickup in the GTA franchise that allows players to lower their in-game wanted level.

These pickups can be spotted at various locations across the map of Liberty City. Players can recognise these signs by it's star-shaped police badge appearance.


Doing either of these two tasks in GTA 3 will allow the player to reduce their Wanted Level and evade the cops.

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