How To Get to Staunton Island in GTA 3 Definitive Edition

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Staunton Island features a ton of hidden packages in GTA 3 that cannot be unlocked before a specific mission. However, there is a slight workaround which can be exploited to access the mine of hidden packages at an early stage.

Visiting Staunton Island early on allows the player to massive upgrade their character's traits with all the hidden packages that they unlock. This is in turn further makes the early missions a lot easier.

Having said that, players who are looking for an authentic progress through GTA 3 are advised to avoid this workaround and access the location only after they manage to unlock it. The Staunton Island region can be unlocked after completing the Last Requests mission in GTA 3.

With that out of the way, let's dive in and check out how to access Staunton Island, as well as what benefits can be gained from doing the same.

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How to access Staunton Island

In order to access the Staunton Island, players will need to perform a tricky yet fairly simple jump from one half of the destroyed Callahan bridge to the other half. Although pulling off this jump requires a fair bit of caution, the entire process is quite simple and can be executed to perfection in a few tries.

Once the player manages to jump across the destroyed bridge, they will have unlimited access to the whole of Staunton Island. Players can use this workaround to explore the region and collect as many hidden packages as they can find.

After collecting hidden packages to their heart's content, players can also choose to return from Staunton Island to complete their in-game missions.

How to return from Staunton Island

As for returning from the locked region, there are a couple of methods that players can choose from. While the first method is to obviously jump back across the destroyed Callahan bridge, the other method involves a fair bit of adventure.

For this, the player will need to steal a boat from the pier located near Asuka's condo in Staunton Island. Players can simply use the boat to reach the pier located at Callahan Point. This will allow them to travel across regions without having to pull off the tricky jump again.

As already mentioned, visiting Staunton Island is not recommended for players to wish to follow the storyline and progress their in-game character accordingly. This process is only for casual players who wish to upgrade their character's traits before moving further in the game.

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