How To Get a Tank in GTA 3 Definitive Edition

The strongest and most sustainable vehicle available in GTA 3 is undoubtedly the tank. Tanks are not only near indestructible but are also capable of blowing vehicles into bits by merely driving over them.

However, there are a few limited methods for players to find a tank in GTA 3. While some of these methods require the player to complete specific stages, one method allows players to gain access to a tank almost as soon as they wish. Needless to say, this one method involves a fair amount of risk and can go south very easily if the player is not cautious.

Having said that, let's dive in and check out the various methods by which a player can get access to a tank in GTA 3.

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From The Exchange

After completing the final mission (The Exchange) in GTA 3, players will be able to find a tank at Phil's Army Surplus. The tank spawn at Rockford in the Staunton Island region.

Given that The Exchange is a fairly difficult mission to complete, a tank is definitely a worthy reward for players.

Through the Import/Export missions

A specific mission at Portland Harbor requires the player to find vehicles for the garage. If the player manages to find all the emergency vehicles that are missing, they will be rewarded with a tank.

Although the entire process of recovering the emergency vehicles can be fairly time consuming, it is safe to say that a free tank definitely makes up for all the trouble.

Stealing from the Military

Undoubtedly the most difficult method in this list, stealing anything from the military results in players getting an extremely high wanted level. This causes the entire military to chase after the player .

Going foward with this method is not recommended at all for casual players. This method requires immense survival skills to not only get away from the military but also to survive the initial onslaught of powerful weapons. Given how powerful the military is in GTA 3, players who do wish to pursue this method are advised to equip the highest level body armor and weapons available in their inventory.

Following any one of the aforementioned three methods will allow players to gain access to a tank in GTA 3. Needless to say, once the player gains a tank, they are nearly indestructible in the game.

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